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Three days on the Hiawassee with friends

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Early Tuesday morning Tony Locke and I headed out for Cleveland, TN, where we met John Torchick ("cannonball") for 3 days of fishing on the nearby Hiwassee River.

We did this before, in the spring, and caught lots of carp and buffs.  I had also fished there several times with John in the fall with good success, so we had high hopes.

Probably because of the high summer temperatures and low rainfall, the fish weren't quite as cooperative as on previous visits.  But we did catch enough fish to keep things interesting, and some of them were nice.  John caught a stunning mirror, and Tony caught his American PB common.  All three of us managed to catch some double-digit commons and buffs.

















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Dang! These fish-ins are not helping my waistline!  Got to cut back on the snacks.  Oh well, lifting lumps of gold is good exercise.   I am glad to call Barry and Tony friends as we would have never met if it wasn't for CAG!  We always have a great time.  Catching fish is the icing on the cake.  Barry and I exchange stories about the good ol' days.  Tony is nominated as the World's Most Interesting Man instead of the rich old geezer who has young girls hanging on to him only because he is rich.  Tony has lived and worked in more countries than the number of states most people have visited.

Nancy, SWMBO, showed my mirror carp to my grandson Noah who has fished with me before.  It was mid summer and we blanked but had a great time.  He is wanting to go again!  Will talk about it at church tomorrow.

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If we can match our 2016 catches  on our upcoming Hiawassee trip, October 2017, I will be a happy camper! Having said that, even if we dont catch a deal, we will have fun! 

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