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I have fished hard each weekend for the last three weekends expecting the carp to be on their fall feeding spell but have only landed a few 1-3 pound fish (the smallest I've ever caught and seen from this lake). I'm on a 42 acre lake that I've been fishing for 2 years (using exclusively sweet corn until now by the way). It has tons of different structures and features, deepest spot is 47 feet with most of the lake being 15 feet or more, I've fished from 64 F to 58 F this fall so far, the weather has been from stormy to sunny and everything in between, it doesn't have that many carp in it with the most I've had in a weekend being 8 fish and can't surpass it, have tried fishing multiple spots, tried sweet corn, odyssey xxx boilies, white pop ups, and a combination of them, I've fished multiple depths ranging from 3-20 feet, I'm just running your average safety lead clip system with anti tangle sleeves on both ends, 20 lb braid for mainline and leader (I'm sure it's not tangles I've tested it a lot), I've been running a hair rig with a size 4 humpback style hook that's very sharp. The only thing I've been doing differently than last year is I haven't been pre baiting my spot with sweet corn a week in advance. Do you guys think that's the problem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 'cause I'm struggling here. 

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6 hours ago, Fontona19 said:

Prebaiting would definitely help. Try baiting with the boilies that you are using. We have found that the carp are searching for higher calorie baits when the water turns cooler. 

Thanks for the advice.

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