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(TX) djkleen02

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Team Name:  Carp Tunnel Syndrom

Member 1:  Jerome Moisand
Forum Name:  Jerome
Carp PB:  44lb

Member 2:  Iain Murray
Forum Name:  redcoat
Carp PB:  55lb (Europe)

Team Name:  CarpyDM

Member 1:  David Moore
Forum Name:  David Moore
Carp PB:  39lb

Member 2:  Wayne Boon
Forum Name:  Soniq
Carp PB:  39lb

Team Name:  Stallions Angling

Member 1:  Louie van Beljon
Forum Name:  Louie van Beljon
Carp PB:  32.14

Member 2:  Eugene van Beljon
Forum Name:  Eugene van Beljon
Carp PB:  32

Team Name:  Order of the Carp

Member 1:  Zach Testa
Forum Name:  Zatesta
Carp PB:  36.4

Member 2:  Evan Cartabiano
Forum Name:  TBA
Carp PB:  TBA

Team Name:  Pickles Dad - Pickles

Member 1:  Rich Tarbert
Forum Name:  HTownCarp’n
Carp PB:  26.1

Member 2:  Brid Caveney
Forum Name:  Brid Caveney
Carp PB:  35.8

Team Name:  Team NSLM

Member 1:  Keith Thompson
Forum Name:  Keith
Carp PB:  57.12

Member 2:  Mark Metzger
Forum Name:  Gefilta Fisher
Carp PB:  36.8


Team Name:  CAG-NTX

Member 1:  Clayton Lothrop
Forum Name:  TX Angler
Carp PB:  24.12

Member 2:  Pieter Oberholzer
Forum Name:  Pieter Oberholzer
Carp PB:  35


Team Name:  Team S&M

Member 1:  Brian Sherwood
Forum Name:  Fisherwood
Carp PB:  33-4

Member 2:  Josh Morris
Forum Name:  Josh
Carp PB:  32


Team Name:  Masonic Carpin / K-1 Baits

Member 1:  Tony Stout
Forum Name:  Masonic Carper
Carp PB:  33.9

Member 2:  Rick Wilson
Forum Name:  Joe Pool
Carp PB:  35


Team Name:  Momma's Boys

Member 1:  August Wells
Forum Name:  Texas-Z
Carp PB:  35.6

Member 2:  Derek Konz
Forum Name:  n/a
Carp PB:  38


Team Name:  Carolina Rig

Member 1:  Michael Ledford
Forum Name:  MikeL
Carp PB:  34.2

Member 2:  Austin
Forum Name:  AustinL
Carp PB:  25.0


Team Name:  Filthy Oars

Member 1: Adam Kartzke
Forum Name: Adam Kartzke
Carp PB: 35

Member 2: Chris Munn
Forum Name: Chris Munn
Carp PB: 36


Team Name:  Polonia Carp Team

Member 1: Jaroslaw Latka
Forum Name: Jaroslaw Latka
Carp PB: 30.01

Member 2: Andrzej Burnagiel
Forum Name: Andrzej Burnagiel
Carp PB: 32.12



Member 1: Jon Eisen
Forum Name: Jon Eisen
Carp PB: 42.06

Member 2: Josef Raguro
Forum Name: Josef Raguro
Carp PB: 31.14


Team Name:  Carolina Carpers

Member 1: Gary Chapman
Forum Name: CHAPMAN
Carp PB: 47lb Buffalo

Member 2: Danial Packer
Forum Name: Pacman22
Carp PB: 29.9


Team Name:  TBA

Member 1: Brett Du Preez
Forum Name: Brett Du Preez
Carp PB: 30

Member 2: John Wiseman
Forum Name: John Wiseman
Carp PB: 20


Team Name:  Chi-Town Carpers

Member 1: Dr. Frank Rink
Forum Name: FJR1
Carp PB: 37-2

Member 2: Tracy Jourdan
Carp PB: 29-5


Team Name:  Team Hellfish

Member 1: Eric Bourquin
Forum Name: Eric Bourquin
Carp PB: 26

Member 2: Aaron Fowler
Forum Name: Flex linear
Carp PB: 17


Team Name:  Longshots

Member 1: Scott Russell
Forum Name: sruss
Carp PB: 39.8

Member 2: Frank Kessler
Forum Name: katycarper
Carp PB: 32.8


Team Name:  K1-Chicago-Polonia-Team

Member 1: Marcin Szydlowski
Forum Name: fishfasol1
Carp PB: 39lb 3oz

Member 2: Henryk Burza
Forum Name: thunder
Carp PB: 31lb 10oz


Team Name:  SoCal Carpers

Member 1: Christian Torres
Forum Name: SoCalCarper
Carp PB: 34

Member 2: Cesar Espinoza
Forum Name: SoCalCarper760
Carp PB: 31


Team Name:  Rip Off Baits

Member 1: Jake Downing
Forum Name: jake downing
Carp PB: 38

Member 2: Chad Edwards
Forum Name: Badchade
Carp PB: 34lb 1oz


Team Name:  Team Uncommon Common / Biggs Plumbing

Member 1: Scott Ferguson
Forum Name: ScottEvil
Carp PB: 34lb 14oz

Member 2: Chris Fowler
Forum Name: BigChrisCarper
Carp PB: 29lb 10oz


Team Name:  The van Schalkwyk's

Member 1: Willem van Schalkwyk
Forum Name: Willem (JD)
Carp PB: 31lb 11oz

Member 2: Chris van Schalkwyk
Forum Name: Christian
Carp PB: 32lb 6oz


Team Name:  Bates Brothers

Member 1: Michael Bates
Forum Name: HappyCamper
Carp PB: 12lb 1oz

Member 2: Steven Bates
Forum Name: Steven Bates
Carp PB: 87lb 32oz

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Is there a standby list? I was obviously  a couple of days late but I have a 2 man team ready to fish if someone  drops out. I noticed a couple of anglers signed up but with a TBA  partner.  I thought you needed a confirmed two to make the cut. If a team spot should arrive, we will be glad to make the 1000 mile drive to attend.  



 Chad B. & Tony D.



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On 11/18/2016 at 6:37 PM, djkleen02 said:

Team Name:  Bates Brothers

Member 1: Michael Bates
Forum Name: HappyCamper
Carp PB: 12lb 1oz

Member 2: Steven Bates
Forum Name: Steven Bates
Carp PB: 87lb 32oz

Call me impressed by Steven... And not so impressed by Michael... ;-)

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