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Great December day carping!

(MO) MOCarper

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What a great day Sunday!- drove 3 and half hours to visit my brother and mom and just had to try the Mississppi-well, a slough off the Mississip.....caught the first, an 8lb 4ozer within 3 minutes!!!, then a 4lb 10oz, 6lb 7oz and 9lb 4 oz trading catches with my son! (see separate thread)....in two hours we caught 6 fish weighing 41lbs!!....air temp 43F and water temp 46F. Had there been ANY wind, we would have caught nothing!!!.....the second fish has a few irregular scales and is much lighter than the other three but I'd still guess it as a common, rather than mirror, ghost, or other correct?.....oh......then drove 3 and half hours back in the rain

Common Carp 8lb 4oz Dec 11 2016 woodland.JPGCommon Carp 4lb 10oz Dec 11 2016 Woodland.JPGCommon Carp December 112016 6lb 7oz.JPGCommon Carp December 11 2016 9lb 4oz  woodland.JPG

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