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New CarpQuest Episode: My New PB Grass Carp @ 30 lb's.

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In this weeks new episode of CarpQuest a short session at a favorite venue produced a huge surprise capture, a new PB grass carp for me. Yet this capture was bitter sweet. A few months later the lake was all but totally drained to repair an inlet. As the lake was being refilled a local angler spotted the corpses of a dozen or more big carp in the shallows. Such a sad end to so many beautiful fish that had called this water home for over a decade.

Before the work commenced some of the lakes inhabitants, hopefully including a few of the big carp, were relocated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife to another lake in the city. We were only aware of a pod of around 30 or so carp that once lived here. 

We will return to the lake in Spring of 2017 to see if even just a couple of these majestic fish may have survived.

Nature is always full of surprises ! 

Hope you enjoy.

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Tempting as that may be, I think I will pass. Perhaps Parks & Wildlife may introduce a couple of grass carp again in the future ? to combat the never ending weed issues that plague this venue every few years. I still cling to the hope that just a couple of the once big carp that haunted that lake managed to survive. Yet, in my heart, I know the odds of this are very low given over a dozen of the fish were seen to have perished; and that was just the ones that were seen walking around the lake. The carp here were special for Colorado. They grew large, yet were not the torpedo shaped commons that frequent the majority of our waters, having grown shorter, fatter and taller with a more blunt head structure. It does give me the motivation to research and explore new lakes up and around the Denver area. I am sure some of the town lakes could hold potential monster catches and surprises of their own. 

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