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The Price of Carp Leads?

Ray Nickel

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Hey everyone,

I have been using the Fox Inline Pear leads for some time now for my Carp fishing. But at $2.75 a lead, my carp fishing has become a Very expensive affair. I like them, and they are camouflaged very well. But if there is snags around, I could lose a lot of lead, and money.

What types of cheaper leads do you guys use when carp fishing?

And do you guys find time when you guys need to use camouflaged sinkers?


Thankyou, and have a great day!?



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I just use No Roll sinkers. I buy 25pks from Catfish Connection

25pk 1 1/2oz for $8.75

25pk  2oz $11.95

I paint mine with Krylon or Rust-Oleum Camoflauge paint in dark green or brown, smell goes away after a couple weeks

I first wipe them of with alcohol then paint then a couple coats. I use a board with finishing nails to hold the no rolls upright for painting. Paint will chip of in time here and there giving them a mottled look.

I do just as good with the unpainted ones but think the painted ones look cool. lol

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I use sinker sliders a lot so....the shape and color doesn't seem to matter.  I have been using a batch I bought last season of 3 oz 



They work fine.

When you look at some of the rigs they use in Europe with lead core and swivels and putty all over the place...what becomes clear is...be original.  Present something to the fish they are not used to seeing.

Lead core is not exactly a subtle way to present a bait.  it stands out like a sore thumb but the fish still bite.  I use a crazy system of a braided mainline to a swivel then to a heavy vanish fluorocarbon leader to a swivel to a finer fluorocarbon hooklink....guess what?  I catch fish.

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