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2017 Regionals

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Sign up for the Midwest Regionals are live

2017 Carp Anglers Group Midwest Regional Rules

This Regional is designed and intended for you and your fellow State representatives to work together as a team, have fun and socialize while doing your best to catch some hogs! Think about and discuss with your teammates what to do for lunch on the bank, where to go after day one ends to catch up and socialize and of course team strategy on how to catch the 10 biggest fish in that river.

We have 3 States being Represented; Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Each State may have up to 20 Registered CAG Members making up their team. A Registered Reserve list will start if a State sells out and the first reserve on the list would replace anyone dropping out. Also, any state who cannot fill their roster, people from another state may register after the deadline to fill out that state's roster. The deadline is April 15 for each state to fully register their teams.

What is at stake is State Pride, Bragging rights and a HUGE travelling Trophy. The Angler who catches the largest carp on the winning team will go home with the trophy unless that person elects to give the trophy to another on their team.

There is a $20 Registration fee that will 100% be used towards Raffle items. The raffle will be conducted after the Trophy presentation, which will take place at 5:00PM on Sunday at Biggelow Park.

Registration is open to CAG members ONLY. CAG will be trialing a "Trial Membership" program. $5.00 for 2 months. For those who are not CAG members, but wish to fish this regional, you will have the option to purchase this "Trial Membership" (one time only). Registration will be open to full CAG membership first, then "Trial Membership" to fill out the ranks after that.

This is a 2 day event, May 6th & 7th, 2017.

Your state goal is to work together to catch the 10 largest carp in the river and those 10 carp's total weight will be up against the other states 10 largest carp's total weight. Yes, you can bump off any fish that is on your State top 10 if a bigger fish is caught. All fish registered must be 20 lbs and above to apply toward your 10 largest. Each qualifying fish toward your Top 10 must be retained in a sack, and notice given to Paul C. that a fish for your team needs weighed. A series of set times will be announced at the Zone Draw for official weights. Paul C will travel to all zones during these set times and take official weights. A tripod and sling should be made available for weighing. One set of scales will be used by Paul C. to weigh all fish during the tourney. Any fish needing weighed on an emergency basis (IE: 10 sacked fish, etc.), an E Call to Paul C. should be made.

Each state will have a representative that will maintain record of weights by Paul C. These weights will be shared to each respective team, and opposing team weights will be shared to all teams immediately following the scheduled weigh sessions by Paul C. Paul will send the state weights to each of the state representatives, and the representatives will then send those weights to each of their state participants. There will be no blackout period on weights.

A "Zone" is the stretch of River that your State will fish within. There will be 3 zones for 2017. Zone 1 (same from 2016), Zone 2 (previously Zone 3 in 2016), and Zone 3 (Bigelow Park, previously Zone 4 in 2016).

The Zone Draw will take place on Friday, May 5th at 1:00PM at Bigelow Park in Bay City, MI. 2 representatives minimum from each State (OH, IN, MI) must be in attendance for the official zone draw. The zones drawn by each state will be fished on Saturday AND Sunday. There will not be a zone draw on Saturday or Sunday. Once the zone draw is completed on Friday, each state may travel to their respective zones to pre-bait, plumb, scout, etc. Pre Fishing is permitted in the swims on Friday. However, fishing must stop at sunset on Friday evening and may not commence until Saturday AM at the start of the tournament. NOTE: With pre-baiting, please remember that this tournament is held on public waters. Locals may be fishing your baited area when you return on Saturday and/or Sunday.

There will be a social event held Friday evening at 6:00PM for those who wish to attend. Location to be announced, but you will be able to bring your own food in or delivered (IE: Pizza, etc.) and beer will be for sale as well. This will give all states competing the opportunity to mingle and socialize, something many have asked for in years past.

Each team must report to Zone 1 parking area on Saturday AND Sunday of the event at 6:30AM. From there, the team with the Zone 3 Draw will be given a 10 minute head start to travel to their area, Zone 2 5 minutes after Zone 3, and Zone 1 5 minutes after Zone 2.

Lines in at 7am...aka start of the event both days. Saturday end time is 7:00PM. Sunday end time is 4:00PM

After day two ends at 4pm, we will meet in Bay City on the Island in Bigelow Park for the Trophy presentation, group pictures and Raffle at 5:00PM. Directions and schedules will be handed out at the Zone draw.


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Team Rosters so far


Vince Shiflet

Robert Shiflet

Michael Alloway

Karrie Lutz

Craig Welch

Shawn Woerlein

Bobby Oney

Deon Kerr

John Mayer

Shawn Adkins


Amos Behanna

Paige Behanna

Jathan Behanna



Daniel Slaby

Brian Pearcy

Paul Cienciera

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