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see my other post about my wife's first carp!!!

   What a nice day!!....traveled the 3 and 1/2 hours to St. Louis to fish under clear skies and an afternoon temp of 68F!!!......Fishing was non-existent for 4 hours!!!!- 4!!!!!!!!!!!!, very disappointed had my wife and son (both CAG members)....very frustrating!-notta on sweet corn, strawberry panko, oat panko-nuthin!....and then!! viola, two small tail-snagged big head's (one here- ehhh/ugghhh:unsure:), and one after another common carp!........started with the 8lb 10oz, followed by 6lb 6 (doubled with my son's 4lb 8ozer-he'll post his pics in a bit...), a fierce 5lb 12oz, then a 2lb 3 and 2lb 5- A total amongst us of 10 carp..8 of which were commons for a total of 38lbs!!... all the commons were caught over 2 and one-half hours....a nice, nice day!!...........Go CAG!!!!!!



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nice captures


Do the bigheads put up much of a fight?  (may be tough to tell if they were tail snagged) How do they stack up next to the commons?


They haven't made their way up to my neck of the woods yet...........

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When you see them swimming, not impressed-seem to be slow moving (at least in the cover) but when snagged, they take off- seem to be sprinters as opposed to the endurance of the common carp.....Huge number of them at the end of the cove massing along a culvert inflow-you could watch them gulping/filtering the water...too bad ya can't hook them though........they'll be there soon enough unfortunately...:(.

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