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Thanks to ATC 2017 organizers and sponsors!

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Before ATC 2017 becomes a distant memory, I want to offer huge thanks to the Austin Carp Anglers, CAG, Chad, Lyndsey, Eric, Kevin, Bubba, Keith, Willem and all involved in the organization of ATC 2017 for a well-run, enjoyable tournament at a world-class venue!  

Big thanks to the generous sponsors who provided some wonderful prizes!  

Much gratitude to my team-mate Tracy Jourdan (CHIBIGTEE) for transporting our gear to and from Illinois and for his collaboration and teamwork during the event.  We didn't catch fish left and right, and we didn't net a 30+, but we did OK for a team from a blue state, and we had a good time.

We met many great anglers who are even greater people, we re-connected with many outstanding individuals from past CAG events, and we had the pleasure to interact with some whom we only knew as a username on this forum prior to the event.  It was a pleasure meeting and competing with all of you!

Austin is a friendly, beautiful city with much going for it.  I look forward to a return one day.  Thanks, so much, for a smooth-running, well-planned, enjoyable ATC 2017!  --Frank Rink


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