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Final Results

Willem (JD)

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Thank you, Willem for posting results.  Much appreciated!


No one should wonder why the ATC is such a popular event.  


Lady Bird Lake is a world-class carp fishery, Austin is an awesome community, and the organizers do a tremendous job.


Here are a few other reasons why you should try to get to ATC in 2018 and beyond based on the 2017 results:


1.  This is a Big 6 event, so you always have a chance to do well even if your first day’s peg doesn’t produce as well as you might like.


2.  Because this is a Big 6 event, the posted total weight data are substantially less than what was actually caught.  Why?  Once teams record their first six carp, they may not record carp whose weights will not make their top six.


3.  Of the 25 teams participating, only seven teams did not record six carp.  No team blanked.


4.  Yes, there are too many grass carp in the lake, but the quality of commons still remains high.  Nine commons caught at the event exceeded 30 pounds with one coming just a few ounces short of 40.  Thirty-eight carp weighed 25 to 30 pounds.  Fifty-seven commons tipped the scales at 20 to 25 pounds.  The big buff and big grasser both exceeded 50 pounds.


5.  The Big 6 average weights of the 18 teams that recorded at least six carp were impressive.  


Jake Downing and Chad Edwards of Team Rip Off Baits could have skipped day two and still easily won the event.  Their average weight exceeded 30 pounds at a whopping 30 pounds, 10.17 ounces.  Well done!

After that impressive performance, however, the event was very competitive.  Just a little over 20 pounds separated 2nd through 10th place in the ATC, meaning the average weight differences were mere ounces.


2nd place team’s average weight - 26-14.33 (Lothrop/Oberholzer)
3rd place team’s average weight -  26-8.33 (Rink/Jourdan)
4th place team’s average weight -  26-7 (Moisand/Murray)
5th place team’s average weight -  25-4.17 (Russell/Keller)
6th place team’s average weight -  24-13.83 (Kartzke/Munn)
7th place team’s average weight -  24-13 (Szydlowski/Burza)
8th place team’s average weight -  24-4 (Wells/Konz)
9th place team’s average weight -  23-8.17 (vanBeljon/vanBeljon)
10th place team’s average weight - 23-6.5 (Ledford/Ledford)


Sixteen teams with six carp exceeded a 20 pound average and four teams that didn't quite get to six fish still had a 20+ pound average for the fish they did record!


6.  Get the picture?  Great event, wonderful people, and a plethora of big fish.  Congrats and thanks to all involved. —Frank Rink

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1 hour ago, The Big Worm said:

Congrats to all, some really impressive numbers and big fish.

Be nice to see some of those big fish here....especially the Monster Buffalo....wow!


Jon Eisen with a MASSIVE 58lb smallmouth buffalo at ATC 2017! Congratulatons, Jon!

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Can't agree more with Frank, well said (thanks for the number crunching, by the way, this is cool).

Personally, the grassers didn't bother me at all (and I caught my share, during and after the event). On the contrary, in which venue can any single run translate in a 30+ from any of three very distinct species, each beautiful in their own right? So cool!

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