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CAG Ohio - East Harbor April 7-9

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Let's hit the ground running in 2017! The Social is over and now it's time to start looking forward to the first CAG Ohio fishing event, East Harbor. 

As many of you know, Shawn Stump managed an absolute beast of a Carp weighing in at 40lbs 6oz last year. Many other nice fish were caught and this was likely due to how early we arrived in April. Getting there before the water warms and the smaller, fiestier males are feeding is the main goal. 

(Here is some info taken from Craig's post last year)

Camping is available in the park, however, there is no camping on the bank, open faced shelters are allowed. The park ranger often patrols at night and as long as you're awake while bankside they don't have any issues. ( I am going to call next week to see if we can set up shelters and sleep on the bank. Fingers crossed!)

A restroom is available in the area as well as a covered picnic area. Hotels and restaurants are available within close driving distance to the venue but most of us just get a campsite which is within easy walking distance of the bank. Campsites generally run about $27 a night for primitive camping. I have attached a map where sites have been updated.

One problem with East Harbor, as with any west side Lake Erie venue, is that if you have strong westerly winds it can empty out. Great for viewing the venue, not so great for fishing soooooo....1 week prior to the event a "best guess" weather decision will be made and an alternate location selected and announced here.

If you have any questions feel free to post them up and I will try my best to answer them.

See everyone in April!

Last years notable catches









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Looks like tons of fun!  Good luck!  Do any of you Buckeyes recall the times that the Cuyahoga River caught fire?  Actually, three times in the 50s.  You could walk from Ohio to Ontario on the oil slick.  I lived in Cincy in early 1982 and was shocked to see magazine advertisements for charter boats on Lake Erie, mostly out of Port Clinton and Marblehead.  Never thought I would see the day that the lake would be clean enough for fishing.

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I’m not sure I’m posting this where I should be but I am new to the CAG and looking to find some other carp fisherman in the Akron area to do some fishing with. I have caught a lot of nice fish all over this  country carp fishing so I’m not looking to take someone’s spots just looking for some people that enjoy carp fishing. 


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