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It's time to start again (although a bit later than normal). The 2017 Can Am will be held in Waddington, NY,  starting on 06/30/2017 to 07/02/2017 with a meet and greet on 06/29/2017 at Bob house (6pm).  Please let me know if you plan on attending so we can start the USA and Canada registaration list .



Basic rules are the same as in the past. One member from Team USA and one member from team Canada will be pegged together. They will net each others fish, check weight of each others fish and update each others score sheet.

The Can Am will start June 30th (Friday) and will end July 2nd at 12 noon .

Point system:

Carp under 10 lbs - 1 point

Carp 10 to 19 lbs - 2 points

Carp 20 to 29 lbs - 5 points

Carp 30 - 39 lbs - 10 points

Carp 40 and over - 15 points

Mirror Carp - add 1 extra point

Koi - add 2 extra points

The team with the highest total points wins the event and gets to keep the trophy until the next year!

Actual fishing rules / as per Ontario Law:

- One (1) rod & one (1) hook

- Spod rods and marker floats are allowed

Pre-baiting your swim will be permitted after 18:00hrs (6pm) Thursday night.

Fish on can be played outside of your peg zone but out of respect please make every effort to keep them inside your own zone and land them!


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