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RESULTS - April 23 Big 5 Tournament at Two Rivers, WI

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Weather goes "south" in Northeast Wisconsin at April 23 Wisconsin Carp Championship Warm-Up Big 5 Carp Tournament, but we still caught some nice fish!

Whenever it doesn’t snow, sleet, or rain at a Two Rivers, Wisconsin carping event in April, that is a good thing.  Our April 23 Big 5 Carp Tournament started well, weather-wise, as our day began with promising skies and a relatively mild 50°.  Things got even better as temperatures rose above 60°, and jackets were shed among sunny skies and pleasant conditions.

Then the wind shifted!  A northeast flow at 10:00 a.m. made conditions substantially brisker, windier, and unpleasant for the remainder of the day.  At one point during the afternoon, we experienced sustained winds of 20 mph with temperatures in the low 40’s and windchills in the 30’s.

But that’s enough about the weather.  Carp anglers represent a hardy lot, and April 23 was no exception.  Big thanks to Carver Hansen, Anthony Hartung, Dave Hubbard, Ioan “Jacob” Ioan, David Latka, Jerry Latka, Nick Schaus, Jaffar Syed, Marcin Szydlowski, and Frank Rink for dealing with the weather and for their attendance at the tournament.  Despite the conditions, most anglers caught fish and some nicely sized carp were among them.

We drew for order of peg choice at 6:00 a.m., and choices were made  in the following order:

Anthony Hartung - peg 8
Ioan “Jacob” Iacob - peg 12
Carver Hansen - peg 6
Nick Schaus - peg 10
David Latka - peg 1
Frank Rink - peg 2
Dave Hubbard - peg 7
Jerry Latka - peg 5
Marcin Szydlowski - peg 9
Jaffar Syed - peg 11

Despite the choice consensus that the better fish would come from the southern pegs (6-12), just five carp would be recorded from those pegs for the day.  Nick Schaus picked off a couple double digit fish from peg 10 at 14-8 and 10-7 with a resulting total of 24-15 and 5th place overall.  

Carver Hanson, at peg 6, recorded a nice 18-14 just before the wind shifted and finished the tournament in 7th place.

Dave Hubbard netted an early 12-3 at 8:03 a.m. from peg 7 for an 8th place finish. 

Ioan “Jacob” Iacob managed a morning 5-15 at southernmost peg 12, but there would be more for Jacob at another peg north of there.

Tournament rules allowed one move to an unoccupied peg over the course of the tournament.  Realizing that the southern pegs would not produce well, especially after the NE wind started to howl, Marcin Szydlowski moved to peg 3, and Ioan Iacob moved to peg 4 shortly after lunch.  Jaffar Syed moved to peg 5 on the Coast Guard side of the venue around 2:30 p.m.  Those moves resulted in a few more fish.  Had pegs 3 and 4 been occupied for the tournament’s entirety, the contest might have been much tighter.

Frank Rink was lucky in his choice of north peg 2 and placed first in the tournament with a Big 5 total of 92-4, averaging 18 pounds, 6 ounces (26-8, 20-8, 16-4, 14-10, 14-6).  His five carp were anchored by his first fish of the day and big fish of the tournament at 26-8.

Jerry Latka captured the first carp of the event at 7:45 a.m. and finished the tournament in second place with four carp weighing 67-4 (24-4, 23-12, 10-7, 8-13).  A couple of mid-20’s during the afternoon solidified the silver medal for Jerry!

Marcin Szydlowski’s move from peg 9 to peg 3 proved fortuitous, as Marcin reeled in three nice carp after 3:00 p.m. (24-13, 18-12, 15-12), including an 18-12 mirror.  Marcin won the bronze medal and related 3rd place cash in the big 5 tournament with a 59-5 total.

Ioan Iacob had captured a 5-15 from peg 12, but shortly after his move to peg 4, he landed a beautiful 20-8 mirror to end the day on a high note with a 26-7 total and fourth place overall.

David Latka took home the gold in the junior portion of the tournament with a couple double digit carp at 13-4 and 10-3 from peg 1.  David ended the day with 23-7 in total weight for sixth place in the overall standings.

The Most-Carp Contest was an optional event, but all anglers participated.  This contest split the pot at 60%-40% and also offered medals to the top two participants.

Frank Rink took first place in the most-carp contest with 12 fish on his scorecard for the day, including a 6-2 mirror (26-8, 20-8, 16-4, 14-10, 14-6, 12-13, 10-9, 10-8, 10-5, 7-5, 6-9, 6-2 mirror).

Jerry Latka took the second-place prizes with his bag of four carp (24-4, 23-12, 10-7, 8-13).

Despite the changing wind conditions and stained, cold water, some quality carp were recorded at Two Rivers, including three attractive mirror carp.  Here are the top 10 big fish of the day:

26-8 - Frank Rink
24-13 - Marcin Szydlowski
24-4 - Jerry Latka
23-12 - Jerry Latka
20-8 Mirror - Ioan “Jacob” Iacob
20-8 - Frank Rink
18-14 - Carver Hansen
18-12 Mirror - Marcin Szydlowski
16-4 - Frank Rink
15-12 - Marcin Szydlowski

A total of 28 carp were netted, weighed, and released during the tournament.

Big thanks to all participants!  Special thanks to Jerry Latka and Marcin Szydlowski for funding and preparing a delicious lunch for all of us!  Best of luck to all in the two upcoming Wisconsin events in Kewaunee on May 6-7 and Two Rivers on June 3-4!  —Frank Rink

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