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Anyone chase carp out of a boat or kayak and think about flying a carp flag.  Found these cheap on Ebay from China:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/55cm-150cm-Japanese-Windsock-Carp-Flag-Garden-Koi-Nobori-Sailfish-Wind-Streamer-/201560009014?var=&hash=item2eede9a936:m:mEC6-lte0Sw3AQNLWsqUQUg

What started this is that many Kayakers fly a blaze orange safety flag so that you don't get run over by bigger boats.  So if I am going to fly a flag anyhow, why not a carp flag.

Almost thought of buying multiple ones and running them up the mast like marlin fisherman each time I land one on the fly rod.  Unless I have one of those 27 fish days. 

So what do you think?  Am I all whacked for even thinking this?

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The way bow hunters react to my CAG sweatshirt, I am pretty sure having a carp flag would result in my house becoming an archery target..lol. They sure look good though.

I occasionally fly kites with the Minnesota Kite Society and one of the guys has a carp kite which if probably over 10 ft in length.

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2 hours ago, Clay34 said:

So which one or ones did you end up with Barry?  There are many types and styles available. 

I got one of each...If I like them I might add them to the store...;)

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Good deal Barry.  Glad that you liked the idea. 

Chayathecat, I have some people that I consider friends that don't get my passion for chasing these fish.  I tell them, one year I spent 66 days on the water as recorded in my journal.  I kept zero trout.  So now instead of driving hours just to release brook trout and maybe a 14 or 15" brown, I catch true 10 and even 20 pounders on my fly rod with flies that I tie myself.  My goal is a true 30 one day soon.  The drug is the TUG!

Like many others on this board, I will fly a carp flag proudly. 

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