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Sorry...no idea. Let us know how it goes. I could find nothing about carp catches there as it all was about bass and crappie. The lake carp of GA can be tough to catch but I see there you could camp and get a feeding regimen started. that would boost your chances. I find these GA lake carp very "seasonal" in where they roam and what is a hot spot in March  can be dead the rest of the year. 

I have tried several GA lakes based upon people claiming to see "loads of massive carp" and have typically drawn a blank.

In the north, lakes attached to the Coosa  and Chattahoochee system have carp in them (Alatoona, Lanier for example) and then there are the lakes of East GA on the Oconee system that have carp (Sinclaire).

Each lake seems to have its own peculiarities...Ft Yargo and carp rarely over  2lb; Salacoa with its high % of fully scaled mirrors; Lanier with its large head of 6lb( +/-2) carp and Jackson with its small head of very large ( for GA) carp.

Some lakes have some massive grass carp in them and no common carp ( Varner?) and so us GA carpers try to share our info to help each other...so as I said, let us know how you did. The basic thing here form my point of view is that, suppose you have  a bit of action down there, then maybe a consolidated attack by a group of us might yield some good results..we could host a GA fish in there possibly.



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