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My most unusual, legitimate catch ever!!!......using my subtle bite technique, this Chinese mystery snail tugged like a carp, and I hooked him, not snagged, not through the shell, but in the CORNER OF THE MOUTH!!!!!-no joke!!!.............

Chinese mystery snail legitimate catch june 4th 2017.JPG...........;)

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Interestingly enough, I caught one too in Pennsylvania a couple of weeks ago... It was a tough decision to make, but I did release it. Note how the hair rig perfectly hooked the snail on the side of its 'mouth'... The only issue is that the alarm didn't quite make any noise when the beast started to run - I wonder why?

IMG_0039 Snail.jpg

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I used to live in Africa...we had giant african land snails that had shells to 6inches in length. They loved beer..and so leave a glass of beer overnight and it would be full of snails come morning. So....maybe a bit of alcohol in your packbait or soaking your corn in Jack Daniels might help you beat your pb snail! And if it fails, you can drink the JD to drown your sorrows...its a win/win situation!

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