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Annual White River Invitational Carp Tournament - Saturday, June 17, 2017 - Indianapolis, Indiana

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Annual White River Invitational Carp Tournament - Saturday, June 17, 2017 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Looking for an angler-friendly, carp-friendly tournament hosted by the premier tournament organizer in the country?  Look no further than Jim Donlan's White River Invitational Carp Tournament to be held on Saturday, June 17, 2017 adjacent to Jim's Westside Bait and Tackle Shop in Indianapolis, Indiana.

You won't catch huge fish, but you'll have a great time, including a Friday night get-together at the bait shop.  Jim Donlan is a host extraordinaire and makes every effort to accommodate participating anglers!  No matter what the catch rate, you'll always have an enjoyable experience at Jim's events!


Annual White River Invitational Carp Tournament

Saturday, June 17th, 8am-4pm (Peg Draw at 7am)

The event will be held across from the Westside Bait and Tackle Shop in Downtown Indianapolis, IN on the White River between 10th Street and the Indianapolis Zoo.

The tournament will run from 8am to 4 pm with the Peg Draw being held at 7 am.

You may pre register at Westside Bait and Tackle, 1507 W. Vermont Street, (317) 636-6236 or you may register the day of the tournament before 6:50 am. If you are not pre registered or you do not arrive before Peg Draw you will not be allowed to fish, unless prior arrangements have been made.

1.  It will be a blind peg draw. Group pegs of up to 3 people are allowed.

2. All Indiana Laws and fishing regulations will apply.

3. There will be single hook per rod. (No Treble Hooks) No Snagging Allowed.

4. Weighmasters will be on hand to weigh fish as they are caught, however if you have keepsacks please bring them along.

5. Anglers will be asked to keep their poles within 10 ft. either side of their peg number. Anglers will be expected to cast out straight in front of their pegged area. No Cross casting will be allowed.

6. Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants. This is a family event, please refrain from using profanity.

7. Participants will be allowed to have another angler assist them in netting, playing, or landing a fish; however, the fish will be scored to the owner of the rod. Attempts to score someone else's fish on your score will result in disqualification.

8. If your line is washing into another pegged area due to current, it is your responsibility to make sure that is does not happen. You will need to come in closer to shore or use additional lead.

9. Chumming may begin as soon as you receive your peg number.

10. Chum should be limited to no more than 2 gallons throughout the course of the tournament.

11. Fish hooked prior to the end of the tournament will be given an additional 10 mins. to land the fish.

12. All fish shall be hooked within 1.5 inches from the mouth. Any further will be considered a snagged fish and will be released without scoring it.

13. Any other issues will be determined by Tournament Director. Tournament Director has final say.


6:00 am: Arrive for final registration.

7:00 am: Peg Draw begins.

8:00 am: Fishing Begins

4:00pm: Tournament ends

Hope you can make it! --Frank Rink

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Wow! Wish I knew about this two days sooner. I agreed to work the weekend.

Without even fishing Jim's events are the best.

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