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POST CAG Big Four Spring 2017 withdrawal..

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.....and the carpin continues!!.......was very tired from fishing nearly every night for the CAG Big Four but just had to go again!.....caught these 5 creek fish; 5-1, 3-1, 4-9, 3-13 and 3-1 plus my other son caught his first, a strong 6lb 7ozer!- maybe a future CAG member!!.......Missouri's coming!, though not sure we can match the Rhode island monsters!!!........still a lot of fun landing and just  peaceful afternoon.........thanks again to all the CAG members for their advice and support!!...

CAG post- Bog Four 2017 5lb 1oz June 19 2017.JPGCAG Post Big four 3lb 1oz June 19 2017.JPGCAg Post Big Four  4lbs 9 oz June 2017.JPGCAg Post Big four 3lb 13oz June 19 2017.JPGCAG post Big Four 3lbs 1oz June 19 2017.JPGAustins_carp_6lbs_7_oz_June_19_2017.JPG

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