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Mike Pike

What's old is new again

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Last weekend, I went to fish an old swim I hadn't visited in years.  The first thing I noticed was how high the water level was, which shouldn't have been a surprise since the bay connects to Lake Ontario.  After scooting around a flooded trail, I got myself set up and enjoyed the sunrise.



Nothing much happened during the first part of the morning, so once there was enough light, I took a picture of the 'office.'The Office.jpg


The water was filled with activity from cruising turtles to jumping fish, and even water snakes!  This was the best picture I could get of one, as they're pretty speedy, but it will help me identify it later when I go through some nature books.

. Water Snake.jpg  


And, of course, 'tis the season for family outings.  

Da Family.jpg


Finally, the bite alarm began to beep, indicating some line bumps or pick-ups,  When I got the long awaited one toner, I set the hook to do battle with Mr. Whiskers.  Not a huge cat at 4lbs but at least I wasn't going to be skunked on this fine day.

 4llb Cat.jpg


And that wasn't my only catch that morning.  About an hour later, I hooked into my desired species and brought a carp of around 8lbs to the net.  I didn't take a picture of it, though, because it had a large sore on it's side so, along with not being very photogenic, it probably needed to get back to it's home with minimal stress.  

After missing a couple of fish, it was time to pack up with the promise of returning again soon.  The only problem was that while I was focused on other things, I hadn't noticed that this blockade had formed.  



Fortunately they were willing to listen to reason and I was allowed to pass.  lol  

Da Swim.jpg


I returned this morning, after reviewing the weather forecast and seeing that the thunderstorms we were supposed to get in the morning were now predicted for the afternoon.  So I had a little window of opportunity give 'er a go again.

The morning was filled with more fisherman than fish, however.  It was a pretty busy place and I set up next to a good fellow who was great to share the bank with, swapping fishing stories, etc.  He even let me take a photo of his secret weapon.  Who needs and electronic bite alarm!

Manual Alarm.jpg


The fishing remained slow, though, and the only real excitement came when this fellow wandered over.



It still amazes me that in just a few minutes drive from downtown Hamilton, you can see so much wildlife.  In just a couple of mornings here, my "creature count" included a fox, opossum, beaver, jack rabbit, water snake, herons and snapping turtles.  I'll bet my friends who went north camping can't top that!  

...oh, and an Osprey.



Anyhoo, back to fishing, and the bite alarm finally signaled a take and I was in!  Funny, but just as I set my hook, the guy fishing next to me also had a bite and was into a fish.  And that's not the first time that's happened to me.  It's like the fish all put their noses down at the same time for a munch.  We both manage to bring our fish to the bank; mine being this fish at just a tad under 14lbs.     



Well, it was a good thing that fish happened along when it did because the wind started picking up and dark clouds began sweeping in quickly.  I packed up fast as I could and hit the road when the rain started falling, followed by a hail storm.     

Hard to believe there was clear blue sky just a half hour before.





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