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RESULTS - Mid-State Carpers Series (1st Three Events)

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Chad Bettisch hosts Mid-State Carpers Series of Fish-Ins
Summaries of first three events are here!


I’ve been reluctant to post information about the Mid-State Carpers’ series of fish-ins under the direction of Mr. Chad Bettisch since it’s a semi-private group and because I don’t want to have the venues heavily advertised and heavily fished.  However, I want to recognize Chad Bettisch and participating anglers for their efforts.  The turnout  at these events also shows that many of us in Illinois don’t have to be in high stakes events to be enticed to fish together.  

Consequently, summaries of recent events follow.  Although there are small hardware and carp-fishing prizes awarded by the host and participating donors for a variety of categories and although there is a small, non-mandatory big-fish pot at each gathering, these events are more social in nature.  Chad often baits the venues prior to an event to entice a better bite.  My thanks to Mr. Bettisch and all involved for a most enjoyable series.

Here are some summaries of the three events that have been held so far.  The summaries are put together primarily by Chad Bettisch.  At the end of the series, a small trophy will be awarded to the angler with high total weight.  --Frank Rink

April 29, 2017 - Central Illinois Lake

With the weather cold and rainy, we still had 9 anglers ready to put in some time on the bank. The peg draw went quickly and fishing started immediately thereafter. The first fish caught was by Emilio Montoya within the first 10 minutes.

As Chad Bettisch was netting another angler's fish, Chad’s rod started screaming. That was the start of a ferocious bite for most anglers that would last for a couple of hours. 

We had 20 fish captured in the first two hours, with Brent Hammond having the opportunity to land a new PB of 22.5 lbs.

As the day went on and the weather changed, we managed to land another 20 carp and three catfish. The fish-in ended early due to the fact that we were all soaked from drenching rains. However, we fished for eight hours, and a total of 40 carp were caught totaling 523.1 lbs.

A special mention to Dave Marceau’s nephew Sawyer for landing a large channel cat.

Here are some of the anglers’ stats...

- Frank Rink (peg 5) ended with 8 fish totalling 90.1 lbs

- Cory Bohmann (peg 1) ended with 10 fish totalling 119.7lbs

-Jim Snyder (peg 2) ended with 1 fish totalling 6.4 lbs 

- Brent Hammond (peg 9) ended with 6 fish totalling 89.15lbs 

-Chad Bettisch (peg 6) ended with 4 fish totalling 64.1lbs

-Dave Marceau (peg 4) ended with 5 fish totalling 65.15lbs

-Emilio Montoya (peg 7) ended with 8 fish totalling 87.6lbs

-Sawyer Marceau (peg 3) landed a nice channel catfish

-Anthony Hartung (peg 11) didn't land any fish during the tournament.   However, he stayed later and moved pegs to land his new PB of 20-13 lbs.

- Emilio Montoya won a Dicks Sporting Goods card for 1st fish

-Frank Rink had small fish at 5-9 to win a work light

-Frank Rink had last fish to win a lighted swinger set donated by Cory Bohmann

- Dave Marceau won big fish in the side pot for $70

- Cory Bohmann had the most fish caught to win a medal and some leads donated by Frank Rink.

-Jim Snyder guessed closest to the biggest fish weight to win the Miller Lite bag chair.

All said and done, it was a day to remember. The weather was tough, but the bite was good, PB's were broken, and we all ate well thanks to a delicious cookout with burgers and dogs.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that attended and brought food to share. We have six more tournaments to go.  FISH ON. —Chad Bettisch

May 20, 2017 - Central Illinois Lake

Here is a quick summary of the May 20th Mid-State Carpers’ event (2nd event of the series):

The tournament started off with 10 anglers showing up, knowing the weather again would be less than perfect. Some of the usual participants were not present because Larry Seeman’s Five Bridges Tournament was being held the same day in Chicago.  The bite started slowly. 

However, Bill Hodge managed to get the day started with the first fish weighing in at 6-10 lbs. 

As the day went on, so did the bite, especially for Jim Snyder at peg 11 and Dave Marceau at peg 2. The majority of anglers caught fish with only two blanking.

The big fish was caught at peg 11 by Jim Snyder at a healthy 22-13.


As the day ended, we managed to land 42 carp with an average of 12-7 lbs and and a total weight of 507-1 lbs. That makes for a total of 1,030 pounds for the first two events!

May 20, 2017 results:
Jim Snyder (left, below) - 133-7 lbs


Chad Bettisch - 0 lbs

Dave Marceau - 165-12 lbs 

Anthony Hartung - 46-6 lbs

Brent Hammond (right) - 45-14 lbs 

Brad Gant - 0 lbs 

Charles Thomas - 29-10 lbs 

Bill Hodge - 47-15 lbs 


Andrew Thomas - 24-3 lbs 

Deb Higgins - 14-4 lbs


Here are the individual totals after the first two events.

Dave Marceau ...231-11 lbs (fished all 2 events)

Jim Snyder…139-11 lbs (fished all 2 events)

Brent Hammond...135-13 lbs (fished all 2 events)

Cory Bohmann...119-7 lbs  (fished the 1st event)

Frank Rink...90-1 lbs (fished the 1st event)

Emilio Montoya...87-6 lbs (fished the 1st event)

Chad Bettisch...64-1 lbs (fished all 2 events)

Bill Hodge...47-15 lbs (fished the 2nd event)

Anthony Hartung...46-6 lbs (fished all 2 events)

Charles Higgins...29-10 lbs (fished the 2nd event)

Andrew Thomas...24-3 lbs (fished the 2nd event)

Brad Gant... 0 lbs (fished the 2nd event)

Sawyer Marceau...0 lbs (fished the 1st event

The big fish so far is in the series is Jim Snyder with a 22-13.

The Lake at which we fished the first two events has produced over 2,500 lbs of carp this spring between the two tournaments and member anglers fishing on their own!  That’s pretty impressive.

June 24, 2017 - Western Illinois Lake

We moved to a lake in western Illinois on Saturday, June 24 for the third event of the Mid-State Carpers’ series.  Post-spawn fishing can be difficult because the fish just don’t have the appetites they demonstrated prior to the spawning season.  Weights are also typically lower due to the stress of the spawn and, of course, eggless females.  Nevertheless, 12 anglers made it to the 6:00 a.m. peg choice:  Chad Bettisch, Brent Hammond, Jim Snyder, Bill Hodge, Cory Bohmann, Cory Bohmann, Jr., Frank Rink, Anthony Hartung, James Snyder, Dave Marceau, Chris Reitan, and Fred Rhodes.

Fishing was from 6:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.  Angler success varied, depending somewhat on what location they chose.  Despite the post-spawn status of the carp, 41 fish were caught weighing 452 pounds (11 pound average). 

Dave Marceau again led the away (making his total-weight lead for the series nearly insurmountable).  Dave captured 16 carp weighing 167-7.  His two biggest carp were 18-8 and 17-2.


Frank Rink was a distant 2nd with 8 carp weighing 114+.  His two biggest carp were 24-4 and 18-15.

James Kraft rounded out the top three with six carp and 58+ pounds.

The sole “money” pot was for big fish.   It was won by Frank Rink with an ugly 24-4 that has been caught at the lake several times previously and nicknamed “Broke Back” for obvious reasons.  Frank also won some tools and a flashlight (donated by Chad Bettisch) for coming closest to guessing the weight of the big carp of the day.


The prize (donated by Chad Bettisch) for first fish went to James Kraft, and the prize (catfish rod donated by Anthony Hartung) for biggest catfish (4 lbs.+) also went to James Kraft.  In addition, James won some tackle box organizers (donated by Frank Rink) for most fish (6) from sections E, F, I.

The total weight prize of a portable carp rod (donated by Chad Bettisch) went to Dave Marceau (167-7).  Dave also won a set of Fox inline leads (donated by Frank Rink) for most fish (16) in sections A and B.

Chad Bettisch won a spomb (donated by Frank Rink) for most fish caught (5) in sections C and D.

SATURDAY , June 24, 2017 RESULTS

Dave Marceau…167-7 (16 carp)

Frank Rink…114-2 (8 carp)

James Kraft…58-4 (6 carp)

Chad Bettisch…43-1 (5 carp)

Brent Hammond…25-12 (2 carp)

Cory Bohmann…12-15 (1 carp)

Cory Jr. Bohmann Jr…12-14 (1 carp)

Jim Snyder…9-9 (1 carp)

Anthony Hartung…7-13 (1 carp)

So, after the first three tournaments with four more to go, here are the current total-weight standings:

1st...Dave Marceau...399-6 lbs (3 events)

2nd...Frank Rink...204-3 lbs (2 events)

3rd...Brent Hammond...161-9 lbs (3 events)

4th...Jim Snyder...139-11 lbs (3 events)

5th...Cory Bohmann...132-6 lbs (2 events)

6th...Chad Bettisch...107-2 lbs (3 events)

7th...Emilio Montoya...87-6 lbs (1 event)

8th...James Kraft...58-4 lbs (1 event)

9th...Anthony Hartung...54-3 lbs (3 events)

10th...Bill Hodge...47-15 lbs (2 events)

11th…Charles Thomas...29-10 lbs (1 event)

12th…Andrew Thomas...24-3 lbs (1 event)

13th…Deb Higgins...14-4 lbs (1 event)

14th…Cory Bohmann, Jr...12-14 lbs (1 event)

15th... all others that have blanked.

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