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Big Carp in the Etowah river system running on the inside bends (soft flowing side) backwash pools and just above the shoals. The river has been moving hard and fast as of late but the fish are there. I've been seeing some good 30plus above the shoals where the water slows down on the opposite side of the channel to middle areas. Anything with salmon flavours or chicken liver flavours work well. I've seen crawfish and muscles working well too. If you're into hunting your bait before getting out there. Mashed up night crawlers in a pack bait has been a river plus. These guys and gals are feeding and feeding well with all the rain pushing snails, muscles and works down river along with many other foods and delights. 

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 I freely admit to not having even caught a 20 out of the Etowah/Oostanaula/Coosa system, but I have lost some beasts! I have found worm to be the better bait for carp from Nov through to March. Can't claim to know where the big carp hang out. I was wondering about trying below the old dam/ boat lock downstream of Rome but have yet to summon up the energy!

Have you had any decent sized buffs? A friend caught a 16lb buff, but my best out of these rivers is a lowly 8.25lb.



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