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(OH) Vinsanity

CAG Ohio - Scioto River Results

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Had a great time on the Scioto River in Columbus for our August fish-in. Everyone caught fish and even a couple surprises showed up along the way. Biggest fish went to Phil, but he didn't want to touch it. Can you guess what it was? Smallmouth Buffalo! I did the honors and got a pic followed by a thorough washing of my hands in the water.

Lunch hit the spot with a variety of meats, sides and even some dessert.

I didn't expect a huge turnout due to summertime and the size of fish, but I think the Scioto still holds some gems. You just gotta wade through a number of small fish to get one.

Thanks to everyone who showed up today! (Lynn Newsome, Karen, Phil Davenport, Keith Hawkes, and Scott Erlenwein)















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A good time was had by all!  When I lived in Ohio in the 50s and early 60s, the Scioto River and the Olentangy River were heavily polluted.  Anyone remember in the 50s when the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland caught fire- three different times???

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