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(OH) Vinsanity

CAG Ohio - Huron River, Lake Erie September 16-17th

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Ohio has a Fish-in scheduled at the mouth of the Huron River on Lake Erie September 16th 7am to the 17th 6pm.

This will be the first fish held at this location which consists of long concrete path (cart friendly) with loads of room for anglers. A long handled net will be needed as the water tends to fluctuate in depth depending on the wind. I fished a location just to the south and the depth changed 1.5-2 feet over the course of two days. A strong north wind brought the water up on the first day but subsided on the second. I will also bring my large pier net and weigh sling with ropes to release fish if need be. If you don't have a long handled net, I'm sure there will be plenty of carp anglers that could help you out when you get a fish.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/Asv2yq8pPHR2

I've asked Deon to get a few pictures before the fish-in since I forgot to do so while there.

There is a Comfort Inn literally 30 seconds from the fishing location or a Motel 6 five minutes away. I've stayed in the Motel 6 twice and have had good experiences. The Motel 6 also has many fast food restaurants around.

My recent fishing trip produced a lot of fish in quick succession after heavy baiting and my biggest fish was over 20lbs. The potential for fish over 30 or even 40 is possible at Lake Erie. The more Carp anglers we have at these types of events, the better chance we have at catching something HUGE!

If you have any questions please post below or send me a message.

Hope to see everyone there!



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