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CAG Ohio - Huron River, Lake Erie Results

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What a weekend of Carp fishing!

Friday evening, I put some bait in the water to keep the Carp feeding throughout the night until we were ready to fish at sunrise. Saturday morning it was just Rod and I. Within 15 minutes of getting all the rods out we had 4 fish on the bank. The action was insane for 2-3 hours until it slowed down to a few fish per hour.

Shawn and Courtney showed up a little later in the morning but went out on the pier to look for some game fish. They stuck around long enough to have a welcomed lunch made by the chef himself, Rod Mills. He was kind enough to bring all those who attended T-bone steaks with potatoes and green beans. Aren’t you bummed out you didn’t show now? Well, it was brauts and hot dogs with chips, close enough. Thanks Rod!  

Dick and Richie showed up later in the day and got their rods in the water. Both managed fish and Richie caught his personal best Buffalo. It went 18lbs and was the first time I saw someone catch a Bigmouth Buffalo in person; most of the time they are Smallmouth. Dick even managed a couple carp with his 6 foot rods and Mitchell 300’s. He was using a puff obtained by the puffdaddy himself, Rob Shiflet. I gave Dick some of my puffs so hopefully I hear about him catching fish on them in 2024.

We fished until 6pm and headed back to the hotel for a shower and bite to eat. Later in the evening I went back to the river and dumped more bait to get us ready for Sunday morning.

Sunday morning was more of the same, fast action and 4 fish on the bank in 12 minutes. Josh, Kelly and Annie showed up and it wasn’t long before they got in on the fun. Kelly and Annie caught their first carp at 17lbs 14oz and 12lbs 4oz, respectively.

Biggest fish went to Rod at 21lbs 7 oz while most of the other fish were in the 8-17lb range. I wouldn’t be surprised if we put 60+ fish on the bank. I’ll have a counter the next time we hold an event on the river.

We put on quite a show for the boats and passerby’s. Boat traffic was somewhat annoying at times, but most people kept their distance. There was no need to cast so dropping it right over the edge kept the lines out of the props.

Thanks to everyone who came out! We had a perfect weekend and loads of fish were caught. This will be on the schedule next year for sure. Thanks Shawn for giving me the idea!

Our next fish-in is October 6-8 at Shoreline Park on Lake Erie. Hope to see everyone there!














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