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While on a recent trip back to my home town in Louisiana I tried to implement my new carp fishing skills in some old waters. When the turtles and catfish showed up to ruin that idea, I shifted to throwing some live bluegill out to try for big catfish. I was pleasantly surprised when I came across a nice spotted gar. So I shifted tactics again and started focusing solely on gar. That decision ended up giving me the crown jewel of my angling trip back home in the form of this 34 pound beauty of an alligator gar!





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Saw a head mount of an alligator gar in a place in Shreveport.  Over six feet long and about 100 pounds.  That's a lot of fish.  BTW, Jeremy Wade, River Monsters, fished with a guide on the Trinity River in Texas.  It was a river but looked like a muddy ditch but had big gar.

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