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(OH) Vinsanity

CAG Ohio - Huron River, Lake Erie Part 2 Results

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Friday started off with Craig and I arriving on location around 830am. The rain started just after 9 and didn't stop until noon. I caught many fish during this period and had concerns of actually running out of bait early if the bite kept up

A number of anglers showed up a bit later in a day and also quickly got into fish. Fishing continued into the night with the biggest fish coming in at 17lbs. That was later upped to 19lbs from Josh and Craig.

Saturday rolled around and the rest of the anglers arrived. We had around 14 anglers which is one of the biggest fish-ins in quite awhile. Craig managed a 21 lber which turned out to be the big fish for the event

Unfortunately a 768 foot ship full of gravel entered the river and totally killed the bite. It turned the river brown and had a horrible smell. Fishing was pretty much over at 6pm as no fish were around while the ship was moored.

Sunday morning started off a bit slow but quickly built up speed. Everyone mostly left around noon, but Deon, Christian and Katie stuck around. Deon did manage a 23lber after the fish-in was over so unfortunately it didn't count towards the top 3 big fish medals.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Huron River. We will be back sometime next year. I was considering holding the Jetson Bates Memorial there in May to give those people from the north a chance to participate.

Our next fish-in is in Urbana November 3-5th. I still need to get confirmation from John Mayer that we are a go.















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