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About ATC 2018

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About ATC 2018

Wednesday March 21st - Corn boil, rules, and BBQ at the Wyndham Hotel

Thursday March 22nd - Peg draw at Wyndham Hotel and Fishing Day 1

Friday March 23rd - Peg draw at Wyndham Hotel and Fishing Day 2 - Awards Banquet at Restaurant

Whats the same and whats different:
32 Teams
It will continue to be a two-person team event.
Teams will be allowed one runner, who will not be allowed to touch any rod/reel with bait, or fish on.
Draw will remain the same, with Chad pulling a team name out of a hat. That team will pick first, and then they will draw the next team out of a hat. Rinse and repeat. 
On day one, teams will pick in order, drawing two pegs and choosing one, within 15 seconds.
Day two, the same procedure will apply, with teams drawing in the reverse order of day one.
1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winners will be determined by Big 6 format
Teams DO NOT need to have 6 fish to qualify
Corn Boil will still be at the same place and time (Wyndham hotel pool area), and good ol' Texas BBQ will be the fare.
Traditional buckets will contain scorecards, and goodies.
Lunch will be provided for both anglers, on both days, by Thundercloud Subs, or Delaware Subs. 
Teams may choose from a limited selection of subs when registering online (Turkey or Ham).
Post event celebrations and prize giving will be held at Threadgills on Riverside Dr, near the S. 1st St. peg. 
Teams must choose from the restricted menu, which will be available at the banquet dinner. 
Non-team members/guests choosing to attend may pay $15.00 to join in for banquet food.
Special Award for the largest Carp (Commons, Mirrors, or Koi).
Special award for the largest Smallmouth Buffalo.
Special award for the largest Grasser!
Non-club sponsored pots for Total Weight, largest Carp, largest Smallmouth Buffalo, and largest Grasser!
Hotel info coming soon!

2018 ATC Registration Info
Modest registration fee of $175 includes:
Two Anglers (One Team) Registration
Corn Boil Activities (Barbeque, Sodas).
Light breakfast and coffee, each morning of the peg draw.
Lunch delivered to the pegs on Thursday and Friday.
Complete dinner at the Awards Banquet. 
And of course, the friendship of fellow carpers - meet the faces that communicate on the CAG board and social media!
Both team members must be CAG members.
Entry fees can include membership at $25 for one non-member ($200 team total) and $50 for two non-members ($225).

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We just turned on the free delivery option for the ATC!! Minimum $50 subtotal before it will show up as an option. Cutoff will be Noon of the 20th. As always we will be open for those traveling through to stop and pickup stuff on the way down.

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