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Team Name: The van Schalkwyk's

Team Member #1: Willem van Schalkwyk

CAG Forum Name: Willem (JD)

PB: 31-11

Team Member #2: Chris van Schalkwyk

CAG Forum  Name: Christian

PB: 32-6


Team Name: CAG-NTX

Team Member #1: Clayton Lothrop

CAG Forum Name: TX Angler

PB: 30#

Team Member #2: Pieter Oberholzer

CAG Forum  Name: Pieter Oberholzer

PB: 35#


Team Name: Team Flores

Team Member #1: Eddie Flores

CAG Forum Name: Sasquatch Hunter

PB: 35

Team Member #2: Samantha Flores

CAG Forum  Name: Samantha Flores

PB: 15


Team Name: Filthy Oars

Team Member #1: Adam Kartzke

CAG Forum Name: Adam Kartzke

PB: 35

Team Member #2: Chris Munn

CAG Forum  Name: Chris Munn

PB: 36


Team Name: K-1 Baits

Team Member #1: Tony Stout

CAG Forum Name: Masonic Carper

PB: 33.09

Team Member #2: Rick Wilson III

CAG Forum  Name: n/a

PB: 22


Team Name: Mid-State Carpers

Team Member #1: Chad Bettisch

CAG Forum Name: Chad

PB: 32.2

Team Member #2: Tony Donato

CAG Forum  Name: Tony Donato

PB: 28.2


Team Name: Polonia Carp Team

Team Member #1: Adam Krysiak

CAG Forum Name: Adam Krysiak

PB: 38.02 lb

Team Member #2: Andrzej Burnagiel

CAG Forum  Name: Andrzej Burnagiel

PB: 32.07 lb


Team Name: Mama's Boys

Team Member #1: August Wells

CAG Forum Name: Texas-Z

PB: 35.6

Team Member #2: Derek Konz

CAG Forum  Name: Derek Konz

PB: 38


Team Name: Dos Ricos

Team Member #1: Martin Rich

CAG Forum Name: Martin Rich

PB: 47lb mirror

Team Member #2: Richard Tarbert

CAG Forum  Name: HtownCarp'n

PB: 26.1lb common


Team Name: In Rod We Trust

Team Member #1: Brian Daugherty

CAG Forum Name: Brian Daugherty

PB: 44lb 2oz

Team Member #2: Austin Pass

CAG Forum  Name: Austin

PB: 39lb 4oz


Team Name: Team Johnson Ross Texas

Team Member #1: Brid Caveney

CAG Forum Name: Brid Caveney

PB: 35lbs 8oz

Team Member #2: Josh Morris

CAG Forum  Name: Josh

PB: 32lbs


Team Name: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Team Member #1: Jerome Moisland

CAG Forum Name: Jerome

PB: 44lb

Team Member #2: Iain Murray

CAG Forum  Name: redcoat

PB: 52lb


Team Name: Mburg Carpers

Team Member #1: Mark Metzger

CAG Forum Name: Gefiltafisher

PB: 36 something

Team Member #2: Bence Matisz

CAG Forum  Name: TBD

PB: 61



Team Member #1: Cristian Torres


PB: 34lb 12oz

Team Member #2: Cesar Espinoza


PB: 35lb


Team Name: Detroit vs. Everybody

Team Member #1: Paul Cienciera

CAG Forum Name: Paul Cienciera

PB: 34#

Team Member #2: Daniel Slaby

CAG Forum  Name: Daniel

PB: 56#


Team Name: Two Men & A Dog

Team Member #1: Keith Thompson

CAG Forum Name: Keith

PB: 58lb 14oz

Team Member #2: Kristopher Tait

CAG Forum  Name: Kristopher Tait

PB: 22lb 12oz


Team Name: The Golden Toads

Team Member #1: Chris Fowler

CAG Forum Name: BigChrisCarper

PB: 29lb 10oz

Team Member #2: Benjamin Harshman

CAG Forum  Name: Bencarpintx

PB: 24lb 6oz


Team Name: Mid-State Carpers "Plan B"

Team Member #1: Anthony Hartung

CAG Forum Name: JYB

PB: 20.13

Team Member #2: Chris Matthews

CAG Forum  Name: Chris Matthews

PB: 27.4


Team Name: The Unknowns

Team Member #1: Danny Wynn

CAG Forum Name: Danny Wynn

PB: 28lb

Team Member #2: Xavier Gonzales

CAG Forum  Name: 

PB: 26lb


Team Name: NTX Carpers

Team Member #1: Josef Raguro

CAG Forum Name: Josef Raguro

PB: 30.11 lb

Team Member #2: Jon Eisen

CAG Forum  Name: Jon Eisen

PB: 42.06


Team Name: H&M

Team Member #1: Marcin Szydlowski

CAG Forum Name: fishfasol1

PB: 39lb 3oz

Team Member #2: Henryk Burza

CAG Forum  Name: Thunder

PB: 31lb 13oz


Team Name: Team Rod Hutchinson

Team Member #1: Jason Aylott

CAG Forum Name: Jason Aylott

PB: 45lb

Team Member #2: Frank Kessler

CAG Forum  Name: Katy Carper

PB: 34lb


Team Name: Rip Off Baits

Team Member #1: Chad Edwards

CAG Forum Name: Badchade

PB: 39lb 6oz

Team Member #2: Jake Downing

CAG Forum  Name: Pig Slayer

PB: 38lb


Team Name: Team End of the Line

Team Member #1: Barry Howard

CAG Forum Name: Barry

PB: 37lb 8oz

Team Member #2: Ed Wagner

CAG Forum  Name: sullypool

PB: 37lb 8oz


Team Name: Baits Brothers

Team Member #1: Michael Bates

CAG Forum Name: HappyCamper

PB: 6lb 1oz

Team Member #2: Steven Bates

CAG Forum  Name: Steven Bates

PB: 44lb


Team Name: Old School Carpers

Team Member #1: Brian Nordberg

CAG Forum Name: Carpaholic

PB: 39lb 12oz

Team Member #2: Zach Van Fleet

CAG Forum  Name: lonestarcarper

PB: 38lb


Team Name: Marmite Munchers

Team Member #1: Iain Sorrell

CAG Forum Name: savayman

PB: 55.02

Team Member #2: Lee Fenner

CAG Forum  Name: leebfenner

PB: 35 lb


Team Name: K-1 Baits Chicago

Team Member #1: Bogdan Bucur 

CAG Forum Name: 


Team Member #2: Ioan Iacob

CAG Forum  Name: 



Team Name: Team Kilt ‘n’ Cap

Team Member #1: Levi Flood

CAG Forum Name: KiltedCarper

PB: 27lb

Team Member #2: Ty Buchanan

CAG Forum  Name: TBD

PB: 28.35lb


Team Name: Order of the Carp

Team Member #1: Zach Testa

CAG Forum Name: Zatesta

PB: 36.8

Team Member #2: Evan Cartabiano

CAG Forum  Name: Evan C.

PB: ?


Team Name: 617/508 

Team Member #1: Tim Columbo

CAG Forum Name: Tim Columbo

PB: 22.3

Team Member #2: Robert Clark

CAG Forum  Name: (NH) 401_KoCarp_Clark

PB: 35.15


Team Name: Dirty Water

Team Member #1: Clifford Sharp

CAG Forum Name: csharp

PB: 33.14

Team Member #2: Martin Columbo

CAG Forum  Name: Martin Columbo

PB: 42.8


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