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RESULTS - October 22, 2017 Fall Carp Classic at Indianapolis, Indiana

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More often than not, Indianapolis’ White River is reluctant to give up its carp, and the Sunday, October 22 Tournament, sponsored by Jim Donlan and Westside Bait and Tackle, was no exception. However, it’s always a pleasure participating in a tournament run by Jim Donlan! Anglers can always count on outstanding organization, an enjoyable day, and a good time.

Seventy pegs were available to the 34 participants at the 8 a.m. peg draw for the event that ran from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Winners were determined by total weight category and an optional big fish pot was offered. Box lunches were generously provided by the hosts. In addition, Jim Donlan and Westside Bait and Tackle returned all entry fees to the prize package ($400-1st, $340-2nd, $270-3rd, $200-4th, $170-5th), while still assuming the cost of trophies, medals, lunch, and all bait and tackle prizes. Thanks, Jim!

As is usually the case, the White River was a challenge! Only 16 carp were caught all day, plus a few suckers and a couple of buffalo. Just 11 of the 34 participating anglers recorded fish.

The tournament winner, Tay Clay, caught three carp for 25 pounds from his end peg on the 10th Street Bridge. Congratulations, Tay!

Destinie Vaughn captured two early carp from her mid-north peg numbered in the 40’s. Her two fish weighed 17 pounds plus and earned Destinie a second place finish. Nice work, Destinie.

Frank Rink was one of a small handful of anglers who chose a south peg. The bite was slow there, too, but he managed a 9.30 and an 8.06 to place third at 17+ pounds, a few ounces short of Destinie’s total.

Charles Thomas caught the big fish of the day at 15+ from his north peg, but he didn't get into the big fish pot, so Tay Clay also won that pot with an 11+However, Charles' 15 pounder was good enough for 4th place overall in total weight, so he took home some cash and a trophy for 4th, plus some goodies for big fish overall. Nice, work, Charles!

Always a formidable competitor, Justin Keaton finished in fifth place with two carp that totaled in the 14-15 pound range. Justin fished in a north peg. Congrats, Justin!

Illinoisan Chris Matthews caught a nice 11+ from his north peg early in the day. That carp was good for a seventh place finish overall and third biggest carp of the day, winning Chris some bait and tackle prizes. Well done, Chris!

I thought Anthony Hartung might win it all with a drop back in mid-afternoon and a fish that pulled hard and felt big. Since he already had one fish on the board, Anthony needed just one decent carp to take the lead in the event. However, when the fish got close to the surface, we could see those black eyes of a largemouth buffalo that approached 15 pounds. Nevertheless, Anthony still gained recognition at the awards ceremony for his top 10 finish! Well done, Anthony!

It was great to see Illinois anglers participating in the 34-angler event! I believe there were nine of us there: Fred Rhodes, Robert Kraft, Charles Thomas, Andrew Thomas, Brent Hammond, Emilio Montoya, Chris Matthews, Anthony Hartung, Frank Rink. It was also nice to see four Illinoisans place in the top ten (Frank Rink-3, Charles Thomas-4, Chris Matthews-7, Anthony Hartung-10).

As always, Jim Donlan was a most gracious host for another well run event. It's just too bad that the White River was again reluctant to give up its carp. It was a good time, nonetheless, with some decent weather and enjoyable company. The drive home was a little dicey with traffic and weather, but it sounds as if all made it back safely. Congrats to the winners and thanks to all participants!  Thanks, also, to James Sander, for the photos! —Frank Rink

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