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RESULTS - October 28, 2017 "Autumn Colors" Big 4 Carp Tournament at Joliet, IL

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Frank Rink, Jeff Conroy, Mike Olinger win 1st-2nd-3rd at October 28 Big 4 Tournament at Joliet, IL; Rink, Olinger go 1-2 in Most-Carp Contest; Chad Bettisch catches two biggest carp of the day!

Despite temperatures that struggled to reach 40 degrees with intermittent sleet, rain, and freezing rain, ten intrepid carp anglers participated and did relatively well at the October 28, 2017 Autumn Colors Big 4 Carp Tournament in Joliet!

Our carp fishing challenge was compounded by a strong current and some weed, debris, and barge issues with the DesPlaines River.  Nevertheless, most anglers (8 of 10) caught fish on the windy, cloudy, late October Saturday.

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.  Frank Rink had the last choice of pegs for the tournament, so he chose peg 23 to be able to run to the car if the weather got too nasty and because it is usually a nice area from which to fish.  Even though it produced no bites during the last four hours of the tournament, peg 23 proved lucky during the morning.  Frank’s biggest four carp of 13-10, 13-7, 12-2, and 11-6 totaled 50 pounds, nine ounces and resulted in the “Autumn Colors” Big 4 tournament victory.

In addition, Frank’s total of 11 fish (13-10, 13-7, 12-2, 11-6, 9-6, 8-13, 8-4, 7-4, 6-11, 4-13, and 4-12) were enough to win Frank the optional Total-Number-of-Carp Contest and its related prizes.

Frank also won a medal and boilies for catching the first carp of the event at 7:40 a.m.

Jeff Conroy was new to our tournament series, and he did very well with a second place finish in the Big 4 event with four carp weighing 42 pounds, five ounces (weights in decimals: 12.8, 12.2, 8.9. 8.4).

 Jeff started at peg 9 but moved to peg 11 from where he did most of his catching.

 Mike Olinger fished from peg 1 at the south end of the venue. That choice paid off for Mike as he took third place in the Big 4 event with a 16-13, 9-2, 7-11, and 5-11 to total 39-5.

 Mike tied with Ronnie Harding for second most fish in the optional Total-Number-of-Carp Contest with five carp on his scoresheet.

 Mike took home the second place medal by virtue of having a bigger fish to break the tie with Ronnie.

 Ronnie Harding, also a newcomer to Joliet tournaments, did well from his peg 2 location with five carp overall and a big 4 total of 37 pounds (12-12, 9-5, 8-9, 6-6), just a couple pounds from a podium finish.  However, Ronnie did win a medal and some wafters for catching the last carp of the day at 3:25 p.m.

 Chad Bettisch captured the two largest carp and the largest catfish of the entire tournament.  Starting his day at peg 16, Chad netted a 17-1 to serve as a nice cornerstone for his big 4 total.

 He then moved to peg 9 and proceeded to put a one-eyed 19-6 on the scoreboard.

 Unfortunately, those were the only two carp of the day for Chad, and he ended the tournament in fifth place with 36-7.  However, Chad did catch a 4-9 catfish to win a medal and wafters for that specialty event.

 Cory Bohmann finished sixth with three fish at peg J-2 at Jackson Street that weighed 7-13, 6-13, and 5-0 for a 19-10 total.

 Walter Wheeler, located at peg J-14 at Jackson St., caught a couple decent carp at 6-0 and 9-11 for 15-11.

 Radu Volintir made a solid effort and weighed a 3-9 catfish for his day at peg 8.

 Chuck Ferczok and Anthony Hartung, both of whom have done well at Joliet, had some challenging Jackson Street pegs (7 and 3 respectively) that didn’t produce on this particular day.

 Overall, 32 carp graced our nets weighing in excess of 300 pounds.

 Ten double digit carp were captured as follows:

Double digit carp:
19-6 - Chad Bettisch
17-1 - Chad Bettisch
16-3 - Mike Olinger
13-10 - Frank Rink
13-7 - Frank Rink
12-13 - Jeff Conroy
12-12 - Ronnie Harding
12-3 - Jeff Conroy
12-2 - Frank Rink
11-6 - Frank Rink

 Congratulations to the winners.  Big thanks to all participating anglers for braving the cold, wet weather and for your active participation.  It was a pleasure fishing with all of you!

 The next event in the J-Town Fall 40’s Illinois Tournament Series will be the November 11 “Honor the Vets” Big 4 Tournament at Joliet.  Hope you can make it. —Frank Rink

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