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Big Kudos!!!


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I know how much work people have done that make an organization like CAG run, many times the bulk of what is heard is complaints, yet I would like to take this post to thank everyone who has stepped up all these years, carp angling is at that tipping point.... so many things are on the edge of our sport exploding across the USA.

 You can see it , feel it, even taste it...so much is being done behind the scenes...so much great news is so close it hard not to get excited....this is your time to step up and volunteer in some small way,  it could be making polite posts about carping on a local fishing FB... getting a few carpers together and picking up trash at some local fishing holes.... to manning a table at a sports show handing out flyers....or sharing a day fishing with youth or perhaps a veteran/wounded warrior.....so many kind acts..CAG has 1st always been about sharing what a blast it is to fish for carp....

Some of the best people I have ever met are carpers, so take someone new fishing, that more than anything grows our sport, social media is a tool to reach out to new fishing buddies, Meaasge someone who's is interested and new,

Go out and fish somewhere in 2018 that no-one ever fished for carp before...someone did that at Austin all those years ago...or dale hollow ....or lake fork..and all the other great places that remain secret until that day we no longer worry about its destruction.


here is to a great 2018!!!!


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