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Philip nathan

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Hi All........Well January is nearly done......just a few hours left in it as I type this. It will not be long before we see carp pursuits ramp up as the sun gradually creeps higher and the North warms up. That means just one thing-more fish in days.

It’s about now when many people will start to plan their pursuits so there is no better time to pencil in your date for your State Fish In. 

Please note certain dates in the calendar are already blocked out....NECC, CCC and externally there are other events that take place at Baldwinsville in the Spring and Fall.

So please talk with your colleagues about when you want to Pln your fishi-in. A fish-in is for CAG members, for new anglers to come along and see what we do and for the wider public to become more educated.....truly an ambassadorial event for you, your State and CAG.

I will begin to monitor inputs from today and would ask that within the next few weeks we have at least a pencilled in date for every state. Think how it will be if we can at the NECC be talking about an event in every State where we have a Chair for say 30 anglers......that would be 750 anglers involved in just those fish-ins!!!! One great reason to get these events planned is that we can search out some sponsorship, giveaways etc for your day. 

Setting up on the calendar is pretty easy: the link is in the State Chair Forum area. Any questions feel free to reach out to me. 

Remember that if your DEC requires insurance we have that available through CAG. 

Good Luck....

Phil Nathan



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