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RESULTS - Feb. 3, 2018 "The Ice Is Slowly Melting" Fish-In at Joliet, IL

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A few fish are caught in winter conditions on February 3 in Northern Illinois

For an early February day in northern Illinois, south winds and temperatures in the mid-30’s were tolerable for the six anglers who participated in the February 3 “The Ice Is Slowly Melting” event at Joliet, Illinois. The carp, however, didn’t like the conditions so well as a total of only five fish saw our nets during this event.

Several anglers had to back out at the last minute due to unexpected conflicts or the flu. Not many carp showed up either.

Our 6:00 a.m. peg location process resulted in the following peg choices (in the order they were chosen):
Chad Bettisch - peg 9
Tony Donato - peg 8
Emilio Montoya - Peg J-1/J-2
Anthony Hartung - Peg J-3 (later moved to peg J-8)
Cory Bohmann - peg 1
Frank Rink - peg 16 (later moved to peg 11)

Due to the last minute decrease in the number of participating anglers, we opted to make the event more like a fish-in with a lower entry fee and the provision that prizes would be more widely distributed with a single angler eligible to win only one of the three competitive categories: Big 4 Weight, Most Carp, Big Fish.

Had this been a “regular” tournament, Chad Bettisch would have dominated and would have won all three categories. His three fish at 10-8, 5-1, and 4-13 totaled 20-6, and Chad chose the Big 4 category as that was the only one that included some hardware (a trophy) along with the $30 prize.

Emilio Montoya coaxed a two pound, 14 ounce carp to his hook bait early in the tournament, and that was good for the Most Carp prize of $30 (although Chad caught the most fish at three). Emilio’s fish had an interesting scale pattern.
emilio_scale pattern.jpg

Frank Rink managed a lone eight pound, six ounce carp during his nine hours of fishing to win the $30 prize for Big Fish (although Chad actually caught the big fish of the event). Keeping that fish from flopping on the mat was more difficult than landing it, but it didn't hit the mat.

Unfortunately, those were the only fish captured during the event. Winter is always fickle as far as our events in Joliet are concerned.

Thanks, again, to all participants for getting back out on the bank in the dead of winter and congratulations to the winners! The next Illinois Tournament Series event will be announced soon. —Frank Rink

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Nice going you guys... a hardy and dedicated bunch! Congrats on the catches.  No easy task in winter!

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