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Marchin carp!

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Hi all!

      Haven't been fishin for awhile, but the weather cooperated today and i hit the creek-my first spot, one I rely on close to home, produced nothing in 2 hours....I moved (literally 30 yards away) to a hole under a heavily traveled bridge and within 14 minutes, had this 14-2 fighter!!....Not the slow cold winter carp, but a spring carp!....then about 30 minutes later, this banged up 10-0lbr.....misshapen face, damaged left eye and an old scar on the right side, but, fought just as hard as the 14lbr......both fish caught on hair rigs with double fake corn-elevates the hook just a bit.................startin to heat-up!!!...........Go fishin!- don't think about it, just go!!!.......MO CARPER.......

Common carp March 4 2018 14lb 2 oz.JPGCommon carp march 4 2018 10bs.JPGCommon carp march 4 2018 10lbs.JPG


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Nice ones that’s a deadly rig there one of my favorites.  Fish like to hold up in bridges for the most part I’ve noticed that it a path well traveled by carp when sourcing for food thru out the day

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