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when I fish long island, I always promote carp fishing.  People see my fishing gear and stop to talk.  I teach people about carp and carp fishing.  But, only to those who want to listen.  Many people look at me funny when I tell them I target carp and start to bash.  I kindly step back, let them talk, nod my head and smile.  I then continue to fish and show them in a nice matter that I done talking.  Lots of people are still on the fence but slowly accepting carp.  I wish there were laws for NY.  

Quick story.  There is a lake next to my house where my father taught me to fish.  He was a match angler in italy.  Basically fished for chub, tench, trout.  sometimes carp.  But mostly trout.  Yes they have teams in Italy who only target trout and these guys are nasty.  They will make  you look like an beginner.  Anyway, this lake near my home was poppin in the 90's.  The carp population was insane.  Lake was loaded.  Many times you don't feel like traveling to fish.  You want something local and have fun.  Well, the meat eaters from brooklyn show up and these guys kill off the lake.  Granted they don't always catch but they take home everything.  They hop lake to lake until its almost fished out.  

My town lake, is now dead.  There are a few carp but nothing to brag about.  I had a day where I caught over 30 carp on my float setup, in less than 2 hrs.  It was a sunday afternoon, mid June back in the 90's.  I will never forget.  I chummed with my SENSAS groundbait with chopped up nightcrawlers and sweet corn, with corn meal dough on my float rod.  Little size 10 hook with PLATEL .18 leader.  That was my go to setup.  small hook, light line.  I didnt care who was next to me.  I fished everyday and had it down to a science.  so for me NOT TO CATCH ANYTHING in this lake?  Yea lol.  Not good!  some places have it worse than others.  All I can say is, long island has been pounded.  still have some spots left but its hush hush.  I will put it to you this way.  We had some hardcore carp anglers on long island.  They QUIT.  That's all I'm saying.  

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Just a random thought I guess as I look back on some of the comments here. 

I got into carp fishing through bow fishing. Yes I shot carp(both common and asian) for no particular reason as much as I hate to say it. 

However one day I thought man I am getting some big guys out of here! I wonder if anyone has tried to catch them. SO I set upon myself a challenge of catching a 20lb+ on rod and reel.

It took me almost two years.....two years to reach a goal I had done with other fish in weeks or months. 

I can't say I condone bow fishing for carp. However I cannot throw it under the bus either. If it got me to the point that I will never shoot a carp with a bow again I can't help but think maybe it will do the same to others. Besides what better way is there to convince someone to make a change when you can relate to them and say I used to do that as well. I mean isn't that how AA works?

My apologies if I ruffle some people's feathers with the comment just my two pennies is all. 

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