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RI CAG Spring Big 3 Tournament, 2018

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Our popular RI CAG Spring Big 3 Tournament starts April 1 and runs until June 30th. It is open to all RI CAG members and any other CAG members who would like to participate.  Basically you enter your biggest carp for the month of April, the month of May and the month of June.  We total up those three weights and that is your point total.  Medals are awarded to the top three finishers.

The rules of the tournament are below:

RI CAG Big 3 Rules

Spring, 2018


Here is a summary of the rules for our 2018 RI CAG Big 3 Contest:

1.  You must be a CAG member in good standing (dues up to date) to fish in this contest.  Participants can come from RI as well as other states so long as they are CAG members.

2.  Only fish caught and released from RI waters can be entered.

3. When fishing in this tournament, you can only use two rods max. Anyone caught using three or more rods while the tournament is going on will be disqualified.

4.  You will enter your biggest carp for the month of April, the biggest carp for the month of May and the biggest carp for the month of June. These can be mirrors as well as commons.

5.  You can enter as many fish as you want, but only the biggest (by weight) will count for each month.

6. No fish can be entered for the month after the month ends.  For instance, we will accept fish entered for April up until April 30, and not in May.

7.  You should use an accurate scale to weigh your fish.  I also suggest the use of a weigh sling if possible. Fish can be weighed in decimal format or lbs. and oz.  For instance, 20 lbs. 8 oz. or 20.5 lbs. I will convert all weights to lbs. and oz.  All fish must then be released.

8.  Photos are encouraged but not required. Try to take a photo of a good catch.  Portraits of you holding the fish are best. Photos can be sent to my e-mail. I’m hoping to use some of the photos on the blog.

9.  You should send weights of fish entered to me by e-mail at imhooked2000@cox.net  Include your name, the weight of the fish, and the date of the catch. Or, if you see me you can simply tell me the info we need.

10.  At the end of each month we will set up an updated leaderboard on the RI Carp Fishing website at www.ricarpfishing.blogspot.com  or I will  update members by e-mail.

11.  At the conclusion of the tournament, sometime around the first week in July, medals provided by the CAG will be awarded for first, second and third places. These places will be determined by the total weight of the three biggest fish. Note that we can not have a tie since we only have three medals.  In the unlikely event of a tie, the fourth largest fish entered will be the tie breaker.


Any questions, feel free to contact me.

Good luck to everyone and have fun,

Dave Pickering, RI CAG Chairman


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