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Well, the ice has been off the harbour for a few weeks now and, although guys have been carping throughout winter( ice permitting ), this was my first time out this year.

A brisk SW wind made it feel colder than -1c but once the sun came up, it warmed me up, and my spirits, considerably.    

 Skyway sunrise.jpg


One of the best things about getting to the water early in the morning is the active wildlife that you get to see, even at this urban locale.  The morning's creature count included diver ducks, mergansers and this industrious beaver.



Unfortunately, after sending out a method ball with a couple of kernels of corn on a hair, I had zero takers.  The morning only produced several single 'bleeps' on the alarm that had me hopeful, if nothing else.

Absolutely wonderful morning to be out, though.  Staying warm by keeping the biting wind at my back and the sun on my face was a great way to spend the day at this time of year.  Plus, I got a chance to bait up the swim for my next visit, at the least. 

Happy Easter!



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Good on ya for getting out, winds kept my interest level at low yesterday so I just drove around and checked out a couple spots. Spot #1 was way to windy/wavy so headed more inland. #2 no parking spots so headed to bulk barn and picked up 12 grain cereal, hemp seed and red lentils to start on my pack bait.

also wandered through the new Chinese grocery store at Britannia and Winston Churchill, found bags of hominy (white corn) and a ton more possible bait items to experiment with this year. So many items and flavours to try, if you’re by that area stop in a d wander the aisles.

Reels and bait will be ready mid week, see ya’s out there

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Just in from few hours site seeing some carp spots. Looks like they’ve all gone back to hibernating. Not even any ducks around on a couple spring spots. Just 1 big swan.

was at dollarama on brant street, just north of lakeshore and they had packs of #4 and #2 black nickel hooks, 10 hooks $2. Bought a pack and boy are these things sharp and I had a hard time trying to roll the point. Gonna tie up some hair rigs and give them a shot and hope for some warmer weather next weekend

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Ya, I think fishermen AND fish are waiting for this cold snap to end.  Relief in sight this week, it looks like, so we'll finally be able to put all that new tackle to the test again.   

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