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Early spring bait prep

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Sitting here watching the ice pellets and driving winds and hoping spring might get here soon. Spent this morning at the grocery store picking up additional ingredients to get some bait ready for spring.

For the last few years this boilie recipe has been a very reliable chum as well as hook bait. Share your go to spring bait.

Purple fish boilies ( used to be natural colour until the squid craze)

 1 cup Seminole flour

1 cup corn meal flour

1/2 cup corn meal bits - basically fine chopped maize ( find at chinese grocery store)

1/2 cup hemp seed or bird seed your choice

Start with wet ingredients in a bowl, 3 eggs, juice of 2 cans of tuna oil or water, plus secret ingredient of 4 big spoons of 3 crab fish sauce and  1/2 container of blue and pink neon food colour dyes. Add dry ingredients and mix to playdoh consistency. Add Seminole flour or water if too wet or dry. Final dough will be nice purple colour. I roll out a good batch of a hundred or so 12-15 mm size and the same 8-10 mm size. Boil for 2 minutes or so and dry 24-48 hrs. 

I bag up the leftover into fist size chunks and freeze for later use. The better spring set up has been the smaller size for hook boats with pink or yellow fake corn at the stopper. Rig with method feeder filled filled oats, hemp seed and corn meal bits from above.

looking to get out next weekend, anywhere, anyhow!

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This weather is a drag, isn't it?! It won't be too much longer until we're back at it. 

Great recipe, I'll have to give it a go sometime. 

Have a good one, 


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Way to go Fang.  When life deals you lemons, you make lemonade, eh.  lol

I was busy doing some chores and took a peek outside and what a surprise!  In the east Hammer we are covered in white!  And that north wind was bitter today.

I've started making bait ahead of time and freezing it too.  Its great when I have downtime to throw some method mix together, freeze it, and when your ready to fish, it's one less thing you have to do.








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Well, the weather finally turned this weekend, eh Fang.  After all that wind, snow and ice pellets last week I thought spring would never come.

The carp were also celebrating the end of winter and jumping out in the harbour yesterday, believe it or not.  So I thought I give it a go today.  No luck for me, but the angler right next to me targeting catfish( and doing quite well )caught a beauty carp!  

Dang, so close....  

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