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Rice Pack Bait w/o Ketchup

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Of course it's not necessary to add ketchup! You can experiment as much as you like with baits, adding both known carp catching ingredients and maybe trying out some unknown ones. Just make sure if you're using something like rice or seeds that you boil them to make them softer.

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If using instant rice as called for in most rice packs, boiling would likely negate the packing ability of your pack.  Rice pack with ketchup typically sits for at least a day, in which time the instant rice absorbs and becomes soft, no risk for the carp from that.  I know that at times when making it without ketchup, heating the liquid is done to assist in the process, but for it to pack hard and cast and break, it will take some tinkering.  I am speaking to rice from a pack bait perspective.


As for the binder part, I believe that the softened rice acts as its own binder in most pack recipes that are for rice.  Sticky rice and an oatmeal binder may delay breaking, or it may work just fine. 

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