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Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

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I made a return to Hammy Harbour in an attempt to avenge a season opening blank in March.  After scouting around and having a good look about, I discovered carp jumping clear out of the water in a shallow bay and thought to myself; "That'll do!"  I returned early the next morning with hopes high.

I fired out my offering of maize on a hair and a method feeder packed with a nice ball of 'secret mix.'  ( Secret because I can't remember what the heck I mixed in! )  Then, I just sat back to enjoy the sunrise.



Well, I had line bumps all morning and single beeps a plenty on the bite alarm, but not one run.  So, it was time for a walk about, and that's when I spotted this fellow a courtin'.  "Hey Ladies!"  



Then, this couple who had already made the 'love connection.'

Duck pair.jpg 


It was also nice to chat with the birders and photographers who frequent the area in spring.  Thanks to one of the photographers, I was finally able to identify all the diving ducks and birds I was seeing, including the little black and white Buffleheads, as well as this Horned Grebe.

Horned Grebe.jpg


So, did I break out of an early season slump?  Nope.  But, I did see one carp caught by the fisherman right next to me who was fishing a worm and sinker for catfish.  Yup, there is noooo justice!




Well, little did I know that it would be weeks before my next outing.  Work, family, getting hit from behind and dealing with insurance, all conspired to deny me adequate fishing time.  So, I took off a bit early from work this afternoon and went to a spot on the north shore that produced for me in the past and I hoped would again.

Upon arriving, I watched the water for several minutes and saw a fish head and shoulder off in the distance.  Good enough for me and I set up shop, ever hopeful again.  Although I couldn't cast my ball of method out as far as the fish were showing, I got as close as I could and it would have to do. 

This sheltered spot also offered a little relief from those bitter NE winds today and, combined with my large carpin' umbrella, I was nicely protected from the elements and hunkered down for the session.



I was encouraged by the bite alarm sporadically signalling activity around my offering, but twice I jumped to grab the rod only to reel in a slack line and nada.  I feared that my optimism may have been the result of catfish playing with my bait and dearly hoped that they would move along.

After re-baiting and re-casting repeatedly, the sun began setting and the air temps started to drop, but I was finally rewarded with the one-toner I was hoping for.  The fish took a substantial amount of line, as they do, and then proceeded to kite left and right.

A couple of anglers nearby offered to help with the netting and I told them; 'sure,' but not to hurry as it was going to take a while.

Finally in the net, this lovely 24.75 lbs carp was hoisted onto the landing mat.  Actually a PB for me.

24.75 lbs pic2.jpg


Now, the only thing left to do tonight is to celebrate with an adult beverage and write this report!  I will sleep well.



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Well done! It has taken a few weeks for things to get back to “normal”. Spot#1 for me is always hit and miss but I seem to have better days fishing the inside ponds. Yesterday I spent 3 hours looking at the nose of the big red ship. Spring has arrived and managed 3 on the mat but all smaller fish.

i have noticed a lot more line movements this spring but figure with the small twitches and pulls they must be gobies

plan to get back out Sunday hopefully, gonna miss today’s fish in unfortunately

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I popped over to the fish-in this afternoon for a visit( Unfortunately, I wasn't able to fish it either ).  I was glad to have met Lorne's family and they were very appreciative of what was done in Lorne's memory.  CAG donated prizes for the day's Big Fish winner and raffle draws, which was nice.  

I think something like 6 fish came out today and big bish was 19lbs. 

I heard that one of the carp caught today was tagged before being released.  The tag reads; "Lorne."  So anyone who catches this fish will now know the story. 

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17 hours ago, Fang said:

i have noticed a lot more line movements this spring but figure with the small twitches and pulls they must be gobies


I know what you mean Fang.  I've been getting these erratic beeps on my alarm.  Like a single beep...pause...double beep...pause...then a series of beeps that gets me out of my chair, but by the time I reach my rod, it stops.

I dunno if that's the kinda thing you're referring to, but my theory is catfish.   This happened on one session last year and I actually ended up catching a couple of cats.  Fortunately, that session I also caught a carp so at the very least I know that carp will mix in with them,.

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