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2018 CAG Ohio - Cowan Lake Results

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Back from another great event in Ohio! The Cowan Lake fish-in / Jetson Bates Memorial was a huge success. We had around 15 anglers come out over the course of the 3 days to compete for the title of CARPGOD and potentially place their name on the trophy. There were also a few spectators who came out to check out all the action. The weather was just about perfect the entire time minus a few showers and a thunderstorm that rolled through Saturday evening. We really couldn't have ask for a better weekend.

Friday fishing started off around 7:30am when I arrived. I was met by Rick Cox who was just starting to unload his gear.
I was able to land the first fish which came in at a whopping three pounds. It had to be weighed; I wanted my name on the trophy again! Rick Cox quickly upped the ante with a 13lb scrapper. After that, it was a constant battle between Clayton and I for the big fish title. It must have changed 6-7 times between Friday and Saturday. Friday night into Saturday morning was a pretty decent haulfest. I got very little sleep, but was able to catch a few z's during some down time on Saturday.

Most of the people started arriving Saturday morning and begin catching fairly quickly. Shawn Adkins managed a 26lber which took the title from Clayton for a brief period of time, but was regained shortly thereafter with a 27lb 2oz. The big fish held into Sunday so Clayton is the CARPGOD for 2018!
This fish-in resulted in 50+ fish caught and around ten 20's banked. It's almost unheard of to have that sort of action at Cowan. It will go down as one of the better fish-ins I've ever been apart of.

Thanks to everyone who made it out! Thanks to Bambi and Clayton for feeding us on Saturday evening! Thanks to Nate for putting together the short video from all the action that occurred on Friday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8CSVQJZ6hI

Keep an eye out for a new angler that will be joining us in the coming months!

Our next fish-in is June 8-10th on the Huron River in Huron, Ohio.

See you on the bank!























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Looks like an amazing weekend with some good size fish, well done all. So gutted to have missed it!

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Congrats to everyone involved, there are some real tanks up in Ohio apparently!

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Those are some extremely nice fish. I can guess somebody had some sore arms and backs later, pulling in those beasts.

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That's definitely a great day of fishing!!! Good job all!!!

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