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2018 CAG Ohio - Huron River, Lake Erie June 8th - 10th

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Location: Huron River - Lake Erie

Date/Time: 6/8/18 7am - 6/10/18 12pm

Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/NPExxzrJCYU2

A 6 foot net handle can be used to net fish but something longer will make it easier. Releasing the fish with a sling and 2 dog leash clips attached to a rope is a good idea, but not absolutely necessary. I will have mine so anyone fishing around me is welcome to use.

Many big fish have been caught at this venue. Countless 20's and even a couple over 30.

Bring plenty of bait and when you think you have enough, bring more.

There is enough room for about 12 people on the grassy area and if more come we can always overflow down the pier. If you do attend please allow 3 "spaces" between the next angler. You'll know what I mean when you arrive. If my calculations were correct it will allow 12 people.

There is a Comfort Inn literally 30 seconds from the fishing location or a Motel 6 five minutes away. I've stayed in the Motel 6 twice and have had good experiences. The Motel 6 also has many fast food restaurants around. Staying in a bivvy is at your own risk as I don't know if it is allowed or not.

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