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Results 6th Annual 5 Bridges event

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    The light rain continued most of the morning but didn't stop Dusty for taking the win for the 2nd year in a row, beating Chicago know Angler great  Andy Burnagiel  by only 10 ounces. 3rd place taken by Frank Rink with a 50-10 lbs total. Jeff Conroy earns big fish honors for his tough fighting 22-9 fish, Great job Guys.

Heres some pictures I have of the event, if you  have any more please post them here. 

6 bridges 7.jpgDusty Palmer 1st place

6 bridges 8.jpgAndy B. 2nd place6 bridges 10.jpgJeff conroy Big fish

6 bridges 9.jpgFrank Ring 3rd place

A few more pics of the other winners of other catagories and raffle prizes

6 bridges 11.jpg6 bridges 12.jpg6 bridges 6.jpg6 bridge 3.jpg6 bridges.jpgHotdog central

6 bridges 4.jpg6 bridges 13.jpgEmilio 

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Thank to all who attended, I believe everyone had a good time. The bite could have been better but..................

Excuse my computer skills, but Dustys total was 69 lbs total, And andys total was 68-6.

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Big thanks to Larry Seeman who always organizes an outstanding Five Bridges event.   I am sure that his generosity with prizes and lunch takes several hundred dollars out of his own pocket. Thanks, Larry! - Frank  :yourock:

Here are a few more photos from the event:

2nd place winner Andy Burnagiel with a 17+


Tracy Jourdan with a mid-teen, one-eyed carp


Cory Bohmann with an early 13-13

Frank Rink with a 20-7

Fish on for Cory Bohmann with an assist from Dylan Bolton.  Big fish winner Jeff Conroy (22-9) also pictured.

16-7 for Frank Rink

13-12 for Frank Rink


It was a slower than expected bite for mid-May, but the chilly weather and 53° water indicated that "prime time" was still a week or two away.  I had a disappointing end of the tournament after retrieving my line at 4:01 after the 4:00 p.m ending signal only to learn that a carp had taken my bait earlier, but had made no run or indication that I had a fish on the line.  Oh, well.  That's fishing.  The fish would not have changed the final standings though, as it was only 13 or 14 pounds, but it would have made the top 3 standings a bit tighter.  Congrats to the winners, thanks to all participants, and thanks, again, to Larry for conducting a well-run, enjoyable tournament. --Frank

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