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2018 Hoosier Carpers Socials

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Sponsored by, West Side Bait and Tackle and Team Fish Fighters. Plus one CAG event.
Wants to think you guys and some of your team's for stepping up and making this Hoosier carpers socials event strong again.
For more information;
Westside Bait and Tackle. 317-636-6236
Biggest trophy and all the side bet $$$$ if they got into the side bet. (It's optional) 
1. Free to enter the social events.
2. Side bets are welcome for biggest carp. (It's optional)
3. You can enter the event at anytime. When the schedule was posted for the day of the event. It's free but if you want in the side bet you must pay the person. That's holding the money before you fish.
4. Lunches will be provided at the event. The host that is running the event. Will pick up the trophy and the food from Westside Bait Tackle.
5. If you hold the biggest carp within the event. Then you leave early and that carp still holds the most weight. That trophy goes to that winner.
6. Each Hoosier carpers social event. Will have kept a records of each event. Whoever has the biggest carp of the year. Will get the biggest carp trophy award and it will be presented it to the winner at the next chili meet.
Hoosier Carpers Schedule
*April 14,     79th & Fall Creek     8:am to 5:pm Hosted by,       
Hosted by,    Team Fish Fighters,   Tommy Pearson
*May 5,.       Lake salinda,       8:am to 7:pm
Hosted by,   Team Misfits,      George Baird
June 16,      Brookville Lake,      9:am to 5:pm
Hosted by,    Hawg sauce,     Dustin Mann
July 28,.        Pike Lake,.            9:am to 6:pm
Hosted by,   Team CarpPro,     Nick & Lindsley
August 18,   Lake Monroe.    9:am to 5:am
Hosted by,   Lake Monster,  Jack Ragland
Sept. 29,       Lake Cataract      9:am to 5:pm
Hosted by,   CAG event,     James Sanders


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