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(OH) Vinsanity

2018 CAG Ohio - Huron River, Lake Erie Results

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Plenty of fish were caught over the weekend at Huron. I arrived on Friday morning at 7am, but cut my trip short on Saturday evening. Friday was pretty much exhausting for me as I never really got much time to sit down and relax. Between catching, baiting, and talking to people, I was wore out.

I'd guess there were easily over 150 fish caught from Friday morning until Sunday at noon. It's one of those places where you can't put in enough bait. I even tried to be selective with the size of fish, but that didn't work. Big bait, big fish? Nope! I did a 5 stack of Trilogy King Korn and even the Buffalo wanted in on a piece of the action with their small mouths. I believe the biggest fish was caught by Kelly Mook at 23+lbs.

As good as the fish-in was, I feel like this needs to be held in mid to late May before the spawn. If not in May then keep it during the Fall when the fish are starting to fatten up

Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the haulfest! 
Our next fish-in is August 17th-19th - Jackson City Reservoir (Hammertown Lake).











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