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Fishing Canada Carp Cup 2019

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Hi There, I'm interested in joining the Fishing Carp Cup in 2019. I'm in the Pickering / Scarborough area usually fish alone (not many carp fisherman around here). Looking for someone to partner up with. Anyone interested please feel free to reach out to me.

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Have you tried accessing the Canada Carp Cup Facebook page for tournament contact info?  I think there are only a limited number of pegs for competitors so it's a good thing you're inquiring early.

I saw the Fish'n Canada episodes that covered the tournament and really enjoyed 'em.    Pretty cool to see a lot of the carp anglers I meet on the banks here in Hamilton competing.  It was a real who's who of Canadian carpers.   

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First, you need to be Canadian to participate in this event. Secondly, I believe there is going to be more pegs this year than the last two events (i.e., 2017 Shimano and 2018 Fish'n Canada Carp Cup). Don't believe registration is open yet, but I believe last years participants will have first bib. Date of 2019 event will be May 29th (peg draw), May 30th start until June 2nd (noon or so).  All details soon to be announced. Follow the Facebook blog to be informed when.

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