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Back to the creeks-lakes are just too warm (82-85F!) and not catching any. But, creeks seem to be reliable. This week I caught two carp (6lb and 4lb) and one very nice (my biggest creek grass carp at 20lbs; compared to my lake largest 46lbs), then this evening, had a nice two hour session, catching a 10-4, then a near black 11-3 and 7 minutes later a 9-7, then nice 12-4, and ended with this pretty 6-7......one week total of 79lb 9oz!!!......my faith is restored after driving 2 hours Friday night to what I thought would be a hidden gem, but talked to a guy going bowhunting.....the shores were littered with longnose gar, asian carp but no commons...he stated there are some small ones, but i didn't have 1 hit in 8 hours!!!......such an interesting season!........fair thee well fellow carpers!!....

creek carp 6lbs july 30 2018.jpgCreek carp 4lbs July 30 2018.jpgCreek grass carp 20lbs July 30 2018.JPGCreek carp 10lb 4 oz Aug 6 2018.JPGCreek carp 11lb 3oz aug 6 2018.JPGCreek carp 9lb 7oz  Aug 6 2018.JPGcreek carp 12lb 4 oz Aug 6 2018.JPGCreek carp 6lb 7 oz Aug 6 2018.JPG

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I should mention that this particular stretch of creek is very consistent throughout the year, despite being in a concrete jungle of grocery stores, car dealers, car wash stations, restaurants, etc.....but the average is usually 5-6lbs....

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