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The first day of Fall is Saturday, September 22nd, so let's have a fish-in.

Salacoa Creek Park, Ranger, GA (Gordon County).

As usual, I'll be there on Friday to pre-bait (and to fish).  So if anybody wants to join me a day early, please do.

If anyone wants more details or directions to the park, PM me -- or email me (bshildn@yahoo.com).

I'll probably post updates as the date gets closer.

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Great!  Looking forward to finally meeting you in person.  🙂

For your information -- and for anyone else who wants more info (about the fish-in, the park, directions to the park, or local restaurants & motels) -- here's my email address:


Don't hesitate to email me.  

--  Barry

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The fish-in is less than 3 weeks away. 

Email reminders were sent out to everyone on my list.   If you didn't get one, I don't have your email address.

If you're interested in coming, feel free to email me at   bshildn@yahoo.com if you need info.

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GA Fall Fish-in -- Results

On one hand, we had a great turnout -- our largest group in recent years.  Besides myself, we had our usual group, John, Tony, Dustin, Daniel and Tanya, and Bojan.  We were happy that David and Lance were able to make it again this year after missing the last several fish-ins.  Lance also brought his son, Wylie and Wylie's friend, Riley.  We were also joined by another fine young carp angler, Jesse, whose dad drove him 90 miles to fish with us.

Unfortunately, the weather would not cooperate.  This is a fairly shallow lake that fishes much better under cooler conditions.  But this weekend, we faced unseasonably hot weather for early Fall, with temperatures still in the 90s.  At the same time last year, the weather had been much cooler for at least two weeks.  No such luck this time.
The carp also refused to cooperate.  John and I arrived on Friday to pre-bait and to fish. After pre-baiting, I managed to catch one small common (along with 4 turtles).  When we all fished on Saturday, I managed one more small common fairly early, but the rest of the day, there was only one more carp landed.  While Dustin was packing up his gear and in the parking lot, he had a run on one of his rods, which Bojan caught for him.  Those were the only two carp caught all day.  Of course the results were disappointing, but given the unseasonably hot  weather, none of us were really surprised.

We've had better days there, and I expect we will again.   The lake has traditionally fished well in the spring, so I'm sure we'll try again next April, before the weather gets hot again.





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Sort of the "good news, bad news" scenario. Had a good time and able to meet some new friends and see some that have been a part of the GA fish-in in times past. Didn't do much as far as catching fish but already looking forward to spring. That is always a good time at Salacoa Creek Park. This off season will be cleaning reels and rods, tying hair rigs, casting sinkers, etc.

Thanks for hosting the fish-in and the lunch!

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