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Mike Pike

Labour Day Weekend

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My cousin Dan and I planned to hit Hamilton Harbour Saturday morning and start our Labour Day Weekend with a bang.  He hadn't fished for over a year and was pretty stoked to feel a bend in the rod.  I told him how I like to be set up, with rods out and coffee in hand, by 6:00 am because if we don't end up catching any fish, at least we can enjoy a sweet sunrise. 

 I think you have to be from da Hammer, though, to really appreciate the beauty of a sunrise over the steel mills.

 Steel Mill Sunrise.jpg


With very little wind, the bay was flat calm and hazy.  I saw one nice fish head and shoulder right above our baited area and I thought we were in!  But the morning drew on with very little to get us excited about, other than an occasional beep on my bite alarm.  

We marveled at the other folks who had come down to the harbour this morning with considerably more energy than us.

Dragon Boat.jpg


Dan commented that he would never do something so strenuous in that heat.  Then we both realized we would never do something so strenuous.....the end.  lol

There was huge algae bloom that rolled in, but it looked like green algae to me and not the blue-green algae I fear.  We continued fishing until the wind picked up( and dispersed the algae )but everything remained quiet, with even the bite alarm going silent.  It was Miller time.


Out we headed, again, to a different spot on the harbour with hopes of different results.  I was concerned with the forecast, which called for thunderstorms, but they were anticipated in the afternoon, so I hoped we had a window.

Once again, we got to enjoy a spectacular sunrise.



 Well, red sky in morning, sailors take warning.  Weather was on the way, so let's get fishing!

And fish we did, with Dan opening his account with a lively 8 1/2 lbs carp, which had him buzzing after his year long fishing drought.  He was ledgering his offering of maize fairly close to the pier, while I was fishing a method ball about 30 to 35 yards out. 

Dan had my number, though, and shortly afterwards, bested another carp; this one a little fatty of 11lb fish.  I wish I could show them to you but he doesn't like doing the fish pose thing and was happy taking a few photos of his catches on the mat.

Finally, my rod was away and I leaned into a nice fish that kited away straight for the snaggy shore to my right.  Although I began to hand palm the spool in an effort to tighten the drag, it still found a buoy line to wrap itself around!  This was the same buoy that a carp I battled a few weeks ago found and used to make its escape.  AAARGHHHH!!!!

The only thing I could think to do was maintain pressure and just hope that I had kept it from taking too much line and there was a chance it would eventually exit the way it entered.

Success!  And after a good scrap, in to to Dan's waiting net it went.

19 lbs.jpg

At 19lbs, I was well please, especially after getting a chance to exact my revenge on that dastardly buoy that  helped a carp escape several weeks ago. 

I was also well pleased that we were able to enjoy a morning catching carp before the foul weather rolled in.  It's mid afternoon right now as I'm typing this and the day has almost turned to night as the sky has opened up, and the wind and rain is making it look the end times!!!  Wow!

I hope sailors took warning!

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Great post Mike! Glad to see you're managing to catch fish, it's been a slow one as of late. Boy did it ever rain today! 😮

Anyways happy labour day! 


Ps - Come October 13th I'll be hosting a fish-in somewhere in the Harbour (spot TBA) if you're interested in trying for some fall fish. I'll be making an official post within the next day or two with more details. Tight lines! 

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