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(OH) Vinsanity

Ohio Fish-ins "Over 30lb Carp Challenge"

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This Challenge will start at the Rayland Marina fish-in.

Description: Catch a Carp (Cyprinus carpio) over 30lbs during an Ohio fish-in to win the prize pot.
Prize awarded to first Carp over 30lbs caught during the fish-in
Open to all Ohio Residents OR those who have spent a majority of their life residing in Ohio.
Carp must be caught during the specified time as defined on the Facebook event details.
Must be caught on rod and reel.
$5 per fish-in must be given to the State Chair or specified representative before your rods are in the water. Absolutely no exceptions. You are only eligible for the prize if you have entered during the current fish-in. Past entries during a fish-in do not automatically enter you into the prize during the current fish-in.
If you are the first to arrive and the State Chair or representative is not present, you must send a picture to the State Chair of your 5 dollars with scenery of the fish-in shown in the background.
Carp must be weighed and verified by another angler. A series of pictures must be taken; 1. Carp on the mat OR angler holding the fish, 2. Carp hanging from the scale in a sling showing the scale with weight. (Weight must be visible while the Carp is hanging. A video could be used as well). If no other angler is present, the fish must be sacked and verified once another angler arrives.
Money will be held by the State Chair or specified representative.
Money will be passed onto the next State Chair after resignation.
Money total will be made public through Facebook after each fish-in.
If no Carp over 30lbs is caught during the fish-in, the money will roll over to the next fish-in. If no Carp over 30lbs is caught during the last fish-in of the year, the money will roll over to next year’s first fish-in.

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